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Designer Emanuele Magini

Emanuele Magini grew up in Arezzo, Italy.

Set-designer for Walt Disney Italy and teacher in the field of three-dimensional computer modelling.

His projects have won national and international competitions and awards such as: “Good Design Award from the Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago”, “IF product design award”, and the “ADI design index”.

In 2010 he founded his own  studio “Magini Design Studio”. He currently collaborates with the Politecnico di Milano and works with several different companies including: Heineken, Seletti and Campeggi, Gruppo Sintesi, Verona Fair.

Magini's new design 'Anish' for Campeggi. A good design with function and sign and as well has a dividing option. 

Magini's 'Lazy Basketball Chair'

Magini's 'Siesta' a hammock bench.


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