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How can we prepare the nearly 2 billion children of school-going age to prosper in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological world? How can we help them to consider the challenges of their generation, and to design a better world for themselves and for the planet? 

At Designathon Works, teams are working to meet these challenges by developing and sharing our unique Designathon method in classrooms and after school programs around the world.

This future-ready method allows children to conceptualize, build, and present their solutions to social and environmental issues based on the UN's list of Sustainable Development Goals.  The method includes access to easy-to-understand teaching materials for ages 4 to 12, and guides children to apply their knowledge in math, science, and technology to develop a set of skills to help them design innovative solutions for a better future.  

In addition, the Designathon method focuses on the individuality of each child - regardless of background, race, or level of ability - recognizing that every child is unique and has something valuable to contribute.

Their efforts culminate in the annual Global Children's Designathon - a one-day event where children in cities worldwide come together to design innovate concepts for the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Pictures courtesy of Designathon. 


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