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TapRoot Farms

Josh Oulton grew up in Windsor, Nova Scotia working alongside his Oulton and Cunningham Grandfathers on their farms. At a very early age Josh knew he would be a farmer. He started working part-time in his teenage years on a local dairy farm and continued his work on dairy farms until after graduating college. Josh attended the Nova Scotia Agriculture College in Truro, now called Dalhousie Agriculture. After many fun filled life and work adventures Josh found the farm.

Patricia Bishop grew up in Greenwich, Nova Scotia living and working on her families multigenerational farm, Noggins Corner Farm. Patricia had no idea what she wanted to do exactly but a focus on the environment was important to her. She worked on the family farm throughout her youth. She attended the Nova Scotia Agriculture College in Truro completing a Bachelor of science degree in environmental biology. She then completed her Bachelor of Education at Acadia University. After a few life and work adventures Patricia joined Josh on what began their farming life journey. Visit their site for more info on TapRoots Farm Tours, Vacation at the Farm, Farm Walks, Dinners at the Farm, Intern/Learn at the Farm and Artist in Residence at the Farm.


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