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Introducing several new products, a wave of opti- mism is sweeping over our new SS22 collection, a testimony to our heritage workwear collection, and an invitation to all types of travel.

The big classics of our collection are now available in a new washed and waxed leather (always ve- getable-tanned, of course) whose look, feel, and coffee-colour all highlight the workwear spirit. The bags of our premium line and our Women’s bags are available in a new colour: peacock blue. The popular Diane hunting bags, the new and iconic Bleu de Chauffe Women’s bags, are now available this season in this new colour as well as in three other shades.

Complementing our premium collection, we have two exceptional bags which have borrowed numerous features from backpacks and travel bags of the 20th century.

The Zibeline, the centerpiece of our new collection, is a leather backpack with exceptional original beauty, remaining loyal to Bleu de Chauffe’s spirit of simplicity. It integrates several features from erstwhile hiking bags, such as outer straps that allow you to fix an ice axe or hiking sticks, but that can be equally practical in the city for holding your umbrella.

The Zoom is a leather travel bag that is a cross between the 48 hour bag and the tote. Both workwear and elegance define this bag which summons up images of legendary trips in a top-down convertible along the French Riviera.

Cycling enthusiasts are in the spotlight with our new Musette Ferdi. Inspired by American messen- ger bags, this bag is equipped with a short strap (so it can be held close to the body) and decorated with 3M retro-reflective stripes.

Just like all our musette fishing bags, this bag is made of organic cotton. Moreover, it is a No Gender bag, as it is simply ideal for everybody.
Our line No Gender is enhanced by our Camp back-packs in size S, by the Musette XS, and is available in new shades of jean suede or roch.

For this season, all our bags in our new line of totes are decorated with a Bleu de Chauffe logo created by 1924us, an artists’ collective formed by the desi- gners, graphic artists, and photographers Christian and Elle-may Watson.

These bags are made of “jeep” canvas, a magnifi- cent cotton canvas produced in the north of France, originally for collectors of Second World War army Jeeps, and already used for our Woody backpacks, Gaston and Remix messenger bags, and our Cabine travel bags. The adjustable handles are made of vegetable-tanned leather.

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