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Our recommendation for this autumn-winter season is as simple as it is essential: let’s be good to ourselves! We need it in this turbulent era, when we are confronted by vital questions about the way we live.

It is precisely in these uncertain, sometimes overwhelming times that Bleu de Chauffe’s founding principles really come into their own. We are a responsible leather goods company with a political conscience, working for a more reasonable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly world since 2009. We are not trying to change the world. We are just doing our bit, along with our craftsmen and women, offering you timeless creations steeped in history with a precious, sincere connection to our heritage.



So go on, be good to yourself and luxuriate in the unique sensation you feel when wearing our Germinal jacket, the “Bleu de Chauffe”. This is a style statement, a subtle nod to the industrial revolution of the early 20th century. A trip back in time, but also an inner journey into the workwear heritage that shapes us.

It goes without saying that our Germinal jackets meet the same standards of production as our bags: they are entirely made in France, from organic cotton moleskin spun and woven in the Vosges region – an extremely sturdy fabric with a close weave, making it super smooth to the touch. The buttons are made from recycled plant resin.

We have kept the details that define the Bleu de Chauffe, while giving it a fresh elegance: a roomy, straight cut, a shirt collar, three patch pockets, and one inside pocket. Its laid-back style makes it an ideal day-to-day piece that you will also be proud to wear at work or even on a night out. 




Another way of being good to yourself is daring to go off the beaten track, to places full of surprises and opportunities to find happiness. An adventure like this – which could be just around the corner! – needs the right bag: a unique statement of identity, a kind of mark of recognition. And there is no better ticket to ride than our iconic Musette. This year it is available in our new waxed leather, in coal black and café, more intense and sturdy than organic cotton canvas or suede. 

This more urban palette accentuates darker leather for the bags in our Men’s collection, and an extremely elegant chestnut for the premium collection and the Diane Gibecières.

The collection still has a light touch, with a new shade: “sage”, a pale suede for our Musette satchels and Camp backpacks. Not forgetting the new version of the Zeppo business bag in a combination of waxed canvas and leather, for a lighter look than the all-leather edition.


Philippe Besson wrote: “I believe that it is always lightness that saves us”. We wish you a light-footed and nomadic autumn-winter season, in a world where ethics and sustainability are becoming more and more essential!


“If you want to travel far and fast, you have to travel light. Forget about your desires, your jealousy, your resentment, your ego, and your fear.”

Cesare Pavese

"Passion remains the thing that helps us to live best“

Emile Zola

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