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To bring you new travel experiences, whether over cobblestones, tarmac, or in the great outdoors. To awaken new emotions and sensations with material, color, and texture. These are the ideas that inspired us to create our new spring-summer collection, in our workshop in Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon, and so with great pleasure, here is the new collection!

Postman bag ECLAIR m - honey / waxed leather


Want to travel light?

This winter, our creative journey has focused on making things as light as possible, and to this end we have been working with a water-repellent waxed canvas which is strong yet light as a feather. Ideal qualities for our new line of travel bags, and perfectly embodied by the Zinnia tote and the Zéphir cabin bag. 

The product of our skilled leathersmiths’ savoir-faire, this canvas stays true to the Bleu de Chauffe workwear, outdoor spirit, while providing lightweight, practical bags. Whether you are a lifelong nomad or just a day tripper, Zinnia and Zéphir will soon become indispensable travel companions wherever you go!

We were so taken with this new canvas that we have also used it to revisit four Bleu de Chauffe must-haves: the Musette, the Report, the Zeppo, the Baskia, and the Baston. Our artisans also had fun mixing it up with leather and canvas…basically the best of both worlds.


The desire to break out of traditional formats…

For women, we have the Saxo bucket bag with its unusual format, a cross between a gibecière and a tote. It comes in three colors: green, rust, and honey. More than just an accessory, this is the epitome of dynamic style for consumers with a conscience.  


The desire to play with materials…

We have been exploring materials and the infinite possibilities they provide, pushing beyond our limits to create something better! Our classic leather, still tanned using vegetable agents (it’s in our DNA), combined with new finishes: waxed, stonewashed, crocodile… Look closely and you will discover the remarkable elegance of these understated, refined textures.


…and colors

Our stonewashed leather just cannot get enough of spring, with a new honey color added to the range. 

The Germinal work jacket from our men’s collection is making its mark in two new shades: khaki and beige, as well as the traditional blue. The organic cotton moleskin fabric with its super-smooth feel is woven in the Vosges region. From the Vosges mountains to the mountains of the Aveyron where we work, our jackets are 100% made in France. 

The Germinal is our first ready-to-wear piece, and the great success it has seen since its launch last autumn is a moving tribute to our historic industrial heritage as well as to our ethical approach. This gives us courage in our convictions and spurs us on to keep working every day for a new fashion of production, one where we can be proud to collaborate and move forward together. 

ZOOM travel bag - croco
BAZAR tote bag - black stonewashed
HOBO travel bag - honey / waxed leather
FORLAN belt bag
JORDI clutch bag - green
JAVA mini postman bag - green
DALVA business tote - green
Postman bag ECLAIR M - navy blue

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

Bucket nag DIANE - green
GERMINAL men jacket - khaki
ZEPPO business bag - dark khaki waxed
FORLAN belt bag
LOUIS satchel bag - honey / waxed leather
FISHERMAN'S MUSETTE M - sunstar / suede
CAMP backpack - sunstar / suede

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

Jack Kerouac 

PASTEL handbag - black
ZEPHIR travel bag - khaki waxed
ZINNIA tote bag - cumin waxed
BASTON messenger bag - cumin waxed
PUNCHO leather backpack wax - honey / waxed leather
ZEPPO business bag - navy blue
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