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Business bag

With or without a strap, Bleu de Chauffe business bags take a fresh look at the traditional briefcase to offer chic, elegant models suited to the outdoors. Drawing inspiration directly from the bags used by certain professions (reporters, writers, doctors etc.), Bleu de Chauffe business bags are sharp and functional, perfect for the connected traveller's way of life.
Every bag is made in France with great care in our workshop in Aveyron. Each one is dated and signed by the artisan who created it.

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  • Zeppo Business bag

    $ 525.00
  • Report Business bag

    $ 489.00
  • Folder Business bag

    $ 450.00
  • Remix business bag

    $ 329.00
  • Remix business bag

    $ 395.00
  • Charles bag

    $ 475.00
  • SCOTT, The writer's bag

    $ 479.00
  • Executive Postman bag 48h Irving

    $ 595.00
  • Business Case Jupiter

    $ 549.00
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