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A blend of design and style makes Bleu de Chauffe backpacks truly next-generation: no woman's perfect wardrobe can be complete without one. In vegetable tanned leather, Bleu de Chauffe backpacks can be carried on your back or in your hand. Elegant and practical, Bleu de Chauffe backpacks are exceptionally resistant to harsh weather and provide complete protection for the bag's contents.
Every bag is made in France with great care in our workshop in Aveyron. Each one is dated and signed by the artisan who created it.

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  • Camp backpack / Suede

    $ 289.00
  • Camp backpack

    $ 275.00
  • Puncho leather backpack

    $ 445.00
  • Woody S Backpack

    $ 350.00
  • Woody M Backpack

    $ 365.00
  • Woody L Backpack

    $ 415.00
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