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Such a beautifully manufactured camera deserves an equally beautiful range of accessories, and to mark the second anniversary of the PEN-F, its flagship model, legendary Japanese brand Olympus has chosen Bleu de Chauffe to create an exclusive range comprising two bags: a pouch bag and a messenger bag.

Well-known for their superior quality and meticulous design, all Bleu de Chauffe products are hand-made in France from the best vegetable tanned leather. The reputation for quality of Bleu de Chauffe products is a perfect match for the renown of the Olympus PEN-F.

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Blitz Motorcycles is the story of two friends who wanted to live their dream: motorbikes. Fred and Hugo, who set the benchmark in custom motorbikes and all kinds of machines, are passionate about their work. They are the pioneers of a generation of people with a desire to follow their dreams and to put meaning back into daily life. 

For the third year running, Bleu de Chauffe is working side by side with Blitz Motorcycles to offer a range of unique products. Bags, backpacks, tool rolls – all the components for decking out a motorbike to really make it stand out.

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Calepino notebooks are designed to be carried with you wherever you go, and they are produced responsibly using artisanal methods. Just like Bleu de Chauffe bags. It is this, and a love of beautiful materials, which has given birth to the collaboration between Bleu de Chauffe and Calepino.

The Bleu de Chauffe « portfolio », with its leather cover and elastic closure, is designed to fit Calepino notebooks, which come with different pages, weights, and colors to suit each individual's tastes and desires.

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Le Mont Saint Michel

Specializing in « everlasting » workwear, Mont Saint Michel is a fashionable, urban, and modern label. Like Bleu de Chauffe, Mont Saint Michel remains true to its workwear heritage and the spirit of functionality.

By combining their respective expertise in knitwear and tanning, they have created an exclusive range made up of unique pieces: a sweater signed by the two brands, and a generously-sized bag.

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KANN DESIGN, furniture design editor, works with experienced artisans, and their expertise lies in brand DNA and heritage.

Motivated by a love of design and beautiful materials, Bleu de Chauffe and Kann Design have pooled their knowledge to create a capsule collection, including a military-inspired camp bench with an unmistakable vegetable tanned leather lower shelf, and an army-style duffel bag, also in vegetable tanned leather. This is the first collaboration, and one which promises great things for the future!

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Presenting Bonhomme's rayon « escape » scarves, invented by the English army in the second world war. Maps of different geographical areas are printed onto these original limited edition pieces. These scarves helped soldiers to get their bearings, and the maps were easy to conceal, resistant, and could be discreetly folded away.

They were initially made from silk, but it was difficult to get hold of in wartime, and so they soon began to use rayon.

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Atelier Paulin

Atelier Paulin is a french jewelry brand base ona disappearing ancestral technique: the art of hand shaping a precious metal wire into beautiful creations. Each creation is made from a single precious metal wire and is a mirror of its owner’s personnal emotions. Both in Atelier Paulin and in Bleu de Chauffe, each artisan handmade with love a unique and a personalized product.

With the « Bijou », Bleu de Chauffe is providing the artisans at Atelier Paulin with a bag for their trade, perfectly adapted to their skilled work. Pliers, files, and wires made from precious metals all have a place in this little pleated bag which can be worn over the shoulder, as a retro belt bag, or as a clutch bag.It is the perfect size for life’s daily necessities, and fits equally well with masculine and feminine wardrobes.

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