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Belt Bag

Fashion is an eternal restart, and the return of the French belt pack is living proof of this. It's very practical and provides quick access to many items in addition to a backpack. Once reserved for tourists and sometimes considered unfashionable, the fanny pack has undergone an impressive transformation to become the trendy accessory par excellence in France. Far from the outdated image of the 90s, the French fanny pack now comes in many forms: elegant leather models, sporty versions, eco-responsible creations and boldly patterned pieces. This makes it compatible with a wide range of looks, from the most casual to the most chic. The fanny pack has seduced all generations and has been democratized beyond the boundaries of men's and women's fashion. In France, it is worn by young hipsters as well as those with a more classic style.

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  • 4,5L Beat Belt bag

    $ 105.41
  • 3L Forlan Belt bag

    $ 178.75
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