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Easy Rider


The Bazar tote encapsulates the Bleu de Chauffe look for this new S22 collection. It features the brand-new Bleu de Chauffe logo, reinvented in line with the most authentic workwear tradition and signed ‘St Georges deLuzençon’

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Easy Rider


History and style come together in these bags which are perfect for a trip out in the countryside or the city. Our new range has various models from stonewashed canvas, used for the renovation of the famous Jeep Willis MB collector !

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With its pure lines and spacious interior, the Dalva is based on an iconic piece from the feminine wardrobe: the women’s tote bag. The leather used for the Dalva bag is treated to withstand water and bad weather, and will stay soft and feminine to the touch as it accompanies you throughout the years.

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With its structured silhouette, sleek lines, rigid leather, and saddle-point assembly technique, the Bleu de Chauffe gibecière has more in common with saddle-making than with the manufacturing of other leather goods, which gives it all its character and charm.

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« One does not go fishing only to catch fish, one goes fishing to discover nature, to attempt to decipher its mysteries, and in some way to find fulfilment »

Izaac Walton, The Compleat Angler

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The Postman’s Bag - History of an icon

The history, the look, and the legacy of the postman’s bag has always inspired Bleu de Chauffe.

The Éclair postman’s bag, launched in 2010, was the first bag created in our workshop and helped to established the foundations of the Bleu de Chauffe universe: quality, style, and respect for man and the environment

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ORIGAMI. A matter of style and detail

In this new range, Bleu de Chauffe has worked with clean and precise lines, forms, materials, and finishes.

Origami is so much more than just paper-folding. In the same way, our Origami range gives you so much more than just a bag.

It is a unique creation: with a unique opening system and kinematic design, Origami bags are bringing back this ancestral artform.

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EPURE. Minimalist style, quality build

Because a great DESIGN is unique, because a great DESIGN is the epitome of purity and simplicity, because a great DESIGN requires carefully selecting the best materials, because a great DESIGN is a merging of the highest quality materials and a well-designed, pure style.

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Scott, the bag of a great traveller and writer

The Scott bag is a tribute to the bag carried by Francis Scott Fitzgerald emblematic American writer from the 1920s. Designed by Bleu de Chauffe in 2013 Scott is back this season in a new smooth and burnished leather given a new lease of life with a fresh take on the clasp which has been custom-developed.

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Our military print is entering a new theater of operations, taking its place on all the Bleu de Chauffe classics! In a palette of greens and browns, between sportswear and casual elegance, the pieces in this collection have an air of active defiance.

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