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Messenger bag

Feminine, practical, and casual, the Musette and messenger bags by Bleu de Chauffe can be carried either over the shoulder or across the chest thanks to the adjustable strap. Large or small, messenger and Musette bags by Bleu de Chauffe are the resolutely modern women’s daily companion. Each and every “Made in France” messenger bag is produced with passion in our Aveyron workshops before being dated and signed by the artisan who created it. Bleu de Chauffe, specialist in “Made in France” leather goods, offers you a vast selection of women’s messenger bags that come in a variety of shapes, materials, and colours to suit any attire. 

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  • Fisherman's Musette S

    $ 245.00
  • Fisherman's Musette M

    $ 255.00
  • Musette STRIPE shoulder strap

    $ 35.00
  • Fisherman's Musette S / Suede

    $ 250.00
  • Fisherman's Musette M / Suede

    $ 265.00
  • Louis Satchel bag

    $ 279.00
  • Postman bag Éclair S

    $ 415.00
  • Postman bag Éclair M

    $ 435.00
  • Groucho Leather Satchel

    $ 395.00
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