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Men’s Travel bags

Bringing you a collection of travel bags for men from Bleu de Chauffe. Handmade in vegetable-tanned leather or cotton canvas, our travel bags are made in France, and are perfect for any journey. We have a variety of bags to suit your needs: different volumes, bags carried by hand or over the shoulder, various materials, sizes – choose a bag to suit your tastes and how often you travel. Discover the collection of men’s bags and leather products at Bleu de Chauffe, and find out about the DNA of our brand, from manufacturing by hand to retaining full control of the production chain.

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  • Cabine Travel bag

    $ 362.09
  • Cabine Travel bag

    $ 389.59
  • Zephir travel bag

    $ 343.75
  • Zinnia Tote bag

    $ 307.09
  • Cabas Zinnia

    $ 316.25
  • Gummo travel bag

    $ 595.84
  • Hobo Travel bag

    $ 637.09
  • Zoom Travel bag

    $ 687.50
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