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interview with julia @juliabrenner

We'd like to share with you the people Bleu De Chauffe are inspired by: Julia Brenner. This is the third interview in a series you can enjoy every few weeks. We talk about influences and creative processes, ways to work, the why's and who's, roots and not to miss their favourite Bleu De Chauffe bag!

Can you tell us something about yourself…where have you been living in your life, which places and encounters touched you most?

I was born in the south of Russia, lived in Moscow for a little while, but couldn’t handle that crazy rhythm, and some years ago moved to Barcelona. I fell in love with this city so much that decided to change my life completely. And then I met my husband Tiago who lived there too. This magical city brought us together, then we moved to Portugal where Tiago is from. And now our home is the best place on earth for me. 
I’m so grateful. 

What led you to photography, what are your projects in this field or any other projects in the form of artistic creation?

I was studying design, drawing, and my hands were always doing something. When I moved to Barcelona, I started working as a content creator for stock photography in a team (example: Shutterstock). In my opinion, this type of work is far from authenticity and creativity, but it gave me a technical base, I learned a lot. It was fun to go out and photograph, film. However, I realised that my mind works differently. I create slowly and in smaller amounts, I don’t lie in my photography. So I finally could feel my style and started working individually with those who share the same values as me. Now photography brings a lot of amazing people to my life. I work mostly with small sustainable brands. I couldn’t even dream about it! I’m happy we can help each other and create our own unique world.
My other passion is ceramics. I’ve been cherishing the dream of doing more of it. There are a lot of nuances to consider, but I’m working on making my dream real. 

Can you tell us which influencer(s)/artists/designers you are inspired by, you follow, are friends with, you appreciate the work from?

The first one who comes to my mind is, of course, Christian Watson from 1924us who is not only the master of branding and style but also a strong leader and an influencer we all need. I’m moved so much by what he does.

In photography, I’m endlessly inspired by Elle-May Watson. Lauren Jones and Harriet Peachey are the painters I’m enjoying following. In fashion, I love a lot Little Creative Factory and their brand for women Annother Archive. The music of Jose Gonzalez is always like honey to my ears. And movies of Wes Anderson are delightful. There’re so many forms of art indeed. And so many creatives who make this world better!

Which Bleu de Chauffe bag is your personal favourite, fits best your clothing style, brands of clothing and way of life?

The Eclair bag is my favourite! It has a lot of personality and fits my style so well. And The Woody backpack is our family favourite and most used for hiking, picnics, shootings, beach.

What is your local food pleasure or which restaurant is best in your opinion?

My favourite local food is everything that comes from the ocean! This is a place of fishermen and boats. Grilled fish in any local restaurant is the biggest pleasure for me.

To which podcast you listen lately?

I like a few podcasts in Russian about parenting. They make me laugh. One of them is called “
Сперва Роди” which means first give birth and then we talk, something like that haha. The podcast is hosted by 3 fathers who tell stories about their kids.

Thank you very much Julia for sharing your ideas and visions with us!

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