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The origin of the messenger bag has given rise to numerous theories. Some believe the first ones might have been used by pilgrims whereas others situate the arrival of the modern form of the bag during the Second World War. All the same, it is widely agreed that the messenger bag is a long bag which opens at the top with a large flap forming two pockets and is carried over the shoulder. It is a bag that is particularly practical for daily use. When choosing a messenger bag, however, you should do so with care so that it matches your needs as well as your personality. 

Leather satchel bag
Eclair M postman bag



Thanks to its quick opening system and quick access to its contents, the messenger bag is particularly practical for daily use, especially since it is mostly  worn over the shoulder making it hands-free. Since the messenger bags exist in a variety of formats, it is easy to choose one to suit your specific needs. 


For shopping or going to the gym, a canvas messenger bag with a capacity of 10 litres is the wise choice. For work, if you work in a non-manual occupation, a canvas/leather or all-leather messenger bag with a capacity of 15 litres would be better. Certain flatter bags are ideal for transporting a laptop computer and files. It is therefore necessary to make sure that the bag contains a storage space that matches the size of your laptop.  Other deeper messenger bags make it possible to carry a variety of objects or even clothing along with your files and computer. You must therefore make sure that the bag has several pockets, both on the inside and outside, to separate the different objects that you carry with you. The messenger bag may not be the ideal bag for long trips; however, certain ones are sufficiently large (sometimes up to 20 litres) for a weekend getaway of up to 2 or 3 days. 



For a stroll around town, shopping or sporting activities, our canvas or canvas/leather messenger bags are lighter than those made of leather and thus ideal for a more laid-back look. The canvas that we use for our bags comes from two of the most renowned companies in France and Great Britain. They combine great resistance and a unique appearance, and they are water-repellant. Most of our canvas messenger bags contain a specific storage for a portable computer. Nevertheless, all of our bags are, in fact, designed so that our Misha felt computer sleeves can be popped in using our exclusive Snap system. 


Our messenger bag Gaston (9.8 litres) and Remix (7.8 litres) can be carried over the shoulder or in the hand. Our organic cotton Musette fisherman bags (3 sizes), and the messenger bags Baskia and Baston2 can only be worn over the shoulder. The organic cotton Ferdi messenger bag, with is short strap with a reflective stripe,  was specifically created for cyclists. 

A man carrying a Ferdi canvas musette in a mountainous landscape
Ferdi messenger bag
Handcrafted Louis leather shoulder bag
Louis messenger bag



For non-manual occupations, the obvious choice would be a leather messenger bag, an elegant option if the leather is of an exceptional quality. Bleu de Chauffe  uses only the best quality European leathers. All of our leathers are vegetable tanned (oak, acacia, chestnut…), without any toxic or polluting heavy metals such as chromium. This allows them to age and improve in character and natural patina. Bleu de Chauffe messenger bags, reinterpretations of 20th century work bags, have a unique and understated aesthetic, perfectly adaptable for most professional activities. For work, a leather messenger bag that has a specif sleeve for storing your computer, with which most bags are equipped, would be the best option. If you need to transport two electronic devices such as a laptop and an iPad (or two laptops), it is possible to add in all our bags one of our Misha felt computer sleeves (see above). Only our leather messenger bags Luicien and Lois, as well as the suede leather musette don’t contain an already integrated sleeve; however, you can always insert a Misha computer sleeve. Our iconic workbag, the postman’s messenger bag Eclair, exists in three sizes, the largest of which can be used as a backpack for a weekend getaway. The leather messenger bag Groucho is ideal if all you need to carry around is an laptop and a few files.  

Bleu de Chauffe messenger bags are exceptional in every respect. Each bag is made entirely by hand by a single craftsman (or more likely a craftswoman) who is responsible for each bag he or she creates. Our bags are not created on assembly lines. Every craftsperson has their own way of working, of constructing their bags. The signature of the craftsperson, which is found on the inside of each bag, is the sign of a unique piece, of a high-end, hand-made object that has a soul. 

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