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Men's Business bags - Made in France

The business bag is an essential accessory in today’s world, for people who need to carry their laptop and paperwork.  At Bleu de Chauffe, specialists in leather bags Made in France, we can offer you a wide range of men’s and women’s business bags. Our business bags are practical yet elegant, stylish and still professional. There are models in our business bags range to meet each individual’s specific tastes and practical needs.

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  • Zeppo Business bag

    $ 540.84
  • Zeppo Business bag

    $ 398.75
  • Report Business bag

    $ 320.84
  • Report Business bag

    $ 472.09
  • Folder Business bag

    $ 453.75
  • Remix business bag

    $ 330.00
  • 48h Irving Executive Postman bag

    $ 545.42
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