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Scott, the bag of a great traveller and writer

The Scott bag is a tribute to the bag carried by Francis Scott Fitzgerald
emblematic American writer from the 1920s. Designed by Bleu de Chauffe in
2013 Scott is back this season in a new smooth and burnished leather
given a new lease of life with a fresh take on the clasp
which has been custom-developed.
Elegant and stylish, the pieces in the Ecrivain line are steeped in poetry – a direct reference to those wild years of careless excess played out to a jazz soundtrack.

The way these pieces are made harks back to saddle-making techniques. Stiff, smooth, and polished, the bags are made from vegetable tanned leather, treated without chrome or man-made chemical products.

Ideal travelling companions for the modern dandy, Scott, Jupiter, and Jules are set to be the most beautiful creations out this Spring.
  • SCOTT, The writer's bag

    $ 453.75
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