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Bleu de Chauffe x TATSUSHI ETO

This season, Bleu de Chauffe is working in collaboration with Japanese naturalist artist and graphic designer TATSUCHI ETO. Bleu de Chauffe and TATSUCHI ETO are bringing their two worlds together for a limited-edition capsule collection. The goldfinch, a small, elegant bird typical of the Aveyron region, migrates every year to a spot not far from our workshop – and it is this bird that will feature on the TEKLIGHT range this season. A tribute to our local knowledge and to a species which is threatened with extinction in France, this new collaboration is dedicated to everyone who loves nature and wide-open spaces.

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  • 8L Bastille Belt bag

    $ 110.00
  • 23L Bayou Backpack

    $ 300.00
  • 15L Barda Tote bag

    $ 200.00
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