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Arlo bag

From 11th century wicker baskets to present-day specialized and technical bags, the bags we wear on our backs have never stopped evolving. Composed of a wooden frame and leather straps in the 17th century, they didn’t really become “backpacks” as we know them until the beginning of the 20th century.

Around that time, wood was replaced by metal, leather by canvas, and the backpack, thanks to an increased interest in mountaineering, experienced a considerable rise in popularity. In France, Millet and Lafuma created the first designs that resemble the bags we know today. In the 1970’s, the first city backpacks were produced and gradually replaced the handheld bags used by schoolchildren and university students.

Considered by many as the most comfortable of all the bags, as it frees the hands and doesn’t throw the body off balance, the backpack is an indispensable style accessory that is far from waning in popularity.

Sac Basile Teklight


For use exclusively in the great outdoors, one of the most important qualities of a bag is its lightness. Bags intended for hikes of several hours or several days must be made of a light and sturdy technical canvas and also be water resistant. Storage is also an absolutely fundamental component, especially for hikes lasting several days.

The functional requirements of a backpack are by no means contradictory to its esthetic requirements. The best canvas manufacturers offer materials that combine both resistance with lightness, without compromising appearance.

Teklight, the technical canvas by Bleu de Chauffe, is produced in the United Kingdom by British Millerain. They produce a magnificent ultra-light and resistant parachute canvas that has both a satin look and touch.

Our collection of “Made in France” Teklight backpacks include the Basile and Bayou bags (also available in “camo” canvas which is slightly more rigid). Thanks to their attractiveness, they are just as well-suited for a day out and about in the city as they are for an afternoon hike in the country.

Woody L and Basile bags


For most professional activities or simply for a more urban look, a leather backpack is the natural choice for most men, provided that its quality is impeccable. Bleu de Chauffe leathers come from only the best tanneries and are treated with vegetable tanning agents (oak, acacia and chestnut...) without the use of chrome or other polluting heavy metals, which makes them less toxic for the skin and allows them to increase in attractiveness over time and to age with a beautiful and natural sheen.


Bleu de Chauffe backpacks are perfect for work or for the city, no matter what you’re wearing. The bags have quite a large storage capacity with a special pouch made of neutral-coloured felt for your laptop. These backpacks include the Arlo (which accommodates a portable computer up to 17 inches wide), or the Puncho (up to 15 inches wide), or the postman’s bag Éclair in a size L.

The Arlo and the Éclair (as well as the canvas Woody in size L) are our only backpacks that, because of their size, are specifically intended for men. All of our other backpacks are unisex.

Moreover, they can also all be handheld, and certain ones (the Éclair and the Woody L) have a removeable strap that allows them to be worn over the shoulder.

Arlo bag
Camp bag, organic cotton


A cotton canvas backpack is the ideal bag for all daily activities, whether they be professional or leisure, as long as its style is flawless.

Such a bag is light enough for several hours of outdoor activity, and lighter than leather for city use. 

Nevertheless, it must be an exceptionally attractive bag, for this is what will make it more desirable  than a technical and lighter bag used for outdoor activities. Moreover, it needs to be beautiful in its own right, even when compared to a beautiful leather bag.

Three types of cotton canvas are used in Bleu de Chauffe “made in Francebackpacks.

Our Woody bags (in 3 sizes) are made either with very resistant canvas produced by British Millerain (for the blue and black Woody), or with French canvas, identical to the Jeep canvas from the Second World War (the dark khaki  Woody, stonewashed khaki, wheat or ecru). The latter are produced in France by the world’s last canvas manufacturer (it is important to mention that the original colour of the Jeep canvas was stonewashed khaki).

Our Camp backpacks are made with organic cotton canvas, which, considering our engagement to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment, is coherent with our philosophy.

Unlike mass produced bags that are not designed to last, each and every Bleu de Chauffe backpack is a unique handmade object which is signed by a single artisan in our workshop near Millau in the southwest of France.

We make multiple-purpose backpacks with exceptional style and technical characteristics, designed with ecologically-friendly materials – unique bags, that are made to last and improve with time spent in your company. 

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