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The Gibecière by Bleu de Chauffe: a tribute to one of the first bags in history

Originally, the gibecière was a knapsack made of leather or canvas. Worn over the shoulder, it was used for carrying small but handy utensils, something to eat while out for a day of hunting, as well as small game.

Since it was such a practical and good-looking bag, the gibecière became very popular and was widely used for many professional and leisure activities of everyday life.

Gibecière Dianne


The gibecière, with its central closing flap, - a feature conserved from early hunting satchels - provides quick access to its contents with one hand, making this bag particularly practical. Thanks to this feature, its use has become widespread among several professions throughout history, especially among delivery men and bank messengers, and more recently, for activities associated with city-living and leisure.

Not only is the gibecière practical, but it has always been an aesthetically pleasing bag, which has greatly contributed to its use as a bag for non-professional activities, and turned it into a very popular fashion accessory.


Our version of this gibecière is called the Diane. It is a both feminine and urban leather bag that is reminiscent of the saddle-making industry as opposed to that of other leather goods. It is “made in France”, and designed using a rigid vegetable tanned leather. It stands out from the crowd with its strong and contemporary look, structured silhouette, and sleek lines.

The Diane is available in three sizes and several hues. The smallest, the Diane S, is an ultra-compact bag that can hold only small everyday objects: wallet, telephone, pens and keys. The Diane M is a medium-sized bag and ideal for any situation. Other than the objects mentioned previously, it is large enough for a pair of gloves, a book, a notepad, and reading and sunglasses. Our largest gibecière, the Diane L, is sufficiently spacious to hold more important accessories such as a scarf, a hat, or even your lunch. Inside each of the bags is a pocket made of organic cotton, perfect for neatly storing everyday objects.

Gibecière Dianne
Gibecière Diane


Our Diane Gibecière, like all of our other bags and accessories, are produced entirely in France in our workshops in Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon. Bleu de Chauffe has always been concerned about the environmental impact of its activity. The use of chromium and other heavy metals during the tanning process make the leather goods industry highly polluting. At Bleu de Chauffe, we use exclusively European vegetable tanned leathers that are dyed using only natural agents that come from trees and plants such as oak, acacia, chestnut, mimosa... Consequently, we avoid all pollutants from heavy metals. Our leathers age beautifully, acquire naturally a patina over time, and don’t provoke any allergic reactions upon contact with the skin.

All of our bags are made entirely by hand in our Aveyron workshops by a single artisan who is responsible for the piece he or she has created. The bags are never massed produced on a production line: every artisan has his or her own way of working and creating a bag. The signature of the artisan, found inside the bag, is the mark of a unique and high-end artisan object with a soul.

Gibecière Diane

Thanks to the variety of sizes and colours, our Gibecières Diane are perfect for all circumstances and all types of women. These unique and timeless objects have a soul. They will become daily accessories that will accompany you throughout life.

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