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interview with Elle-May and Christian Watson @1924US

We'd like to share with you the people Bleu De Chauffe are inspired by. This is the first interview in a series you can enjoy every few weeks. We talk about influences and creative processes, ways to work, the why's and who's, roots and not to miss their favourite Bleu De Chauffe bag!

Elle-May Watson and Christian, both working and living in Australia. Elle-May is a photographer and co-creator of 1924us together with Christian, he is the founder and lead designer. 1924us is a branding studio focused on traditional design, illustration, antiques and well-made goods. 

Can you tell us something about yourself…where have you been living in your life, which places and encounters touched you most?

We are Christian & Elle - a couple living in Queensland Australia, Elle is from Australia and Christian is from Oregon in the USA. We have both spent time living together in Portland Oregon and on the Sunshine Coast in Australia which is where we now reside and run our branding studio. 

What led you to your work, what are your projects in this field or any other projects in the form of artistic creation?

Both of us started our individual artistic journeys as teenagers! We were both involved in the early days of tumblr, which also lead into instagram and we met through the Artistic community on there! I think photography for us both is a meeting point (where we spend a lot of time together, pushing ourselves creatively).

Christian more so individually through branding / illustration and art. I am heavily inspired by art as well. We work on many artistic projects together, from all kinds of branding jobs to product creation - a main one being our very own shop and vision (which includes antique / curation and creating other well made goods inspired by the past eras and techniques). Sometimes we also work more personally with clients / musicians or creatives to help them nail their own visions. 

Which influencer(s) you are inspired by, you follow, are friends with, you appreciate the work from? 

We love the faith community in music and appreciate all genres in art, mainly people who seek spiritual change and betterment of others through their work, that's what really get's us excited. Examples of some friends and artist we look up to:

- Rog and Bee Walker (photography and depth) 

- Swoop & Lecrae (musicians always igniting more ideas, in faith and art) 

- Theresa / Toby Thomas (good personal friends, showcasing humanity and simplicity through their video work / art)

We love what Le Labo has done and created in the commercial world.

@adelasterfoodtextures, @linda_lomelino and @StemsandForks - especially in the food and workshop community, we always learn so many beautiful practical and inspiring ways of living from these women.

Of course we love you guys of Bleu De Chauffe in your design and quality!

Have you got a Bleu de Chauffe bag which is your personal favourite, fits best your clothing style, brands of clothing and way of life?

Christian: Messenger Musette - the size / amount of pockets / texture and accessibility to things!

Elle-May: Zeppo business bag (although visually I love so many) - this bag goes with me basically everywhere now - it has the perfect amount of shoulder padding / accessibility for heavier electronics and i've just grown so fond / close to it!

What is your local food pleasure or which restaurant is best in your opinion?

We both really love fresh Mexican, we have a local restaraunt called 'Paradise Arcade' which is just around the corner from where we live and often find ourselves ordering from there (cheese jalapeños, taquitos, just well made corn chips with avocado)!!

To which podcast you listen lately?

We both really love listening to 'How I built this' by Guy Raz - this reeaalllyy ignites creativity and it's always amazing listening to others people's life and business journeys, this we both would say is really the only one so far which has kept us coming back over the years! 

Bleu de Chauffe: Thank you very much Elle-May and Christian for sharing your ideas and visions with us!

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