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Interview with nate m of @cuffington

We'd like to share with you the people Bleu De Chauffe are inspired by: Cuffington. This is the second interview in a series you can enjoy every few weeks. We talk about influences and creative processes, ways to work, the why's and who's, roots and not to miss their favourite Bleu De Chauffe bag!

Can you tell us something about yourself…where have you been living in your life, which places and encounters touched you most?

I am 32 years old and I’ve been residing in New York for the last 2.5 years. Prior to that, I lived all over California from the Bay Area to Los Angelese and San DiegoI. I specialize in digital marketing and photography. I am married and I have a funny furry 10 year old dog named Henry. 


What led you to your work, what are your projects in this field or any other projects in the form of artistic creation?

I originally started my Instagram as a way to document the evolution of a pair of raw denim jeans because I was participating in an instagram contest hosted by @rgt  to see who can produce the best looking pair of jeans after a year of wear. During that year, I progressed from just documenting my jeans to my entire outfit every day.  Every morning, I would ask my friend or girlfriend to help me take a daily outfit pic. As time progressed, I really started exploring  photography in regards to experimenting with different angles and lighting etc. Naturally, I went from just shooting on an iPhone to an actual camera. 

Can you tell us which influencer(s) you are inspired by, you follow, are friends with, you appreciate the work from?

When I first started my instagram account @whaleysworld was one of the first heritage menswear accounts that really caught my eye. I love everything Brent did from the clothing he wore, to the editing of his photos. Thanks to the Instagram platform, He and I are great friends and have worked on multiple campaigns with numerous brands together. In addition to him, I have made so many awesome menswear friends such as @bchanism @corymalke @meeeotch. I tend to find my inspiration more through platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Which Bleu de Chauffe bag is your personal favourite, fits best your clothing style, brands of clothing and way of life?

I love the Report Business Bag. I love the pebbled leather and how roomy this bag is. It fits my laptop and camera and all my other electronic accessories easily which makes it the perfect travel bag. 

What is your local food pleasure or which restaurant is best in your opinion?

I really love Korean Bbq. The variety cuts of meat along with all the different side dishes they offer is the perfect meal for me. There is nothing more fun than hanging out with a bunch of friends and enjoying Korean BBQ with beer and soju on a Saturday night.

To which podcast you listen lately?

I enjoy listening to interview style podcasts like the Tim Ferris Show, How I Built This, and The Joe Rogan Experience. I’m always fascinated to learn about the mindset of accomplished entrepreneurs.

Thank you very much Nate for sharing your ideas and visions with us!


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