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Whether you are going to work, to the gym, for a stroll, to the shops, or spending an evening out, for any city-dweller, man or woman, a bag is simply indispensable. It is not uncommon to have different bags for different occasions. In the city, it is important to choose a bag that is perfectly suited for the activity it’s intended for while also fulfilling requirements for beauty and quality.

Zeppo bag



For many professional activities, a leather bag might seem like the obvious choice, for it can be quite elegant if the leather is of an exceptional quality.  Bleu de Chauffe uses only the best European leathers that are vegetable tanned (oak, acacia, and chestnut) without using chromium and other toxic and polluting heavy metals. Thus, they simply age beautifully and acquire a natural patina over time.


For work, your first choice should be a leather bag with a storage space for your computer or tablet. Almost all Bleu de Chauffe leather business bags, messenger bags and backpacks are equipped with one. Bleu de Chauffe business and messenger bags are contemporary versions of the working bags of the 20th century and have a unique and understated look, perfectly suited for most professional activities. These bags include the Zeppo, Éclair (3 sizes), Lucien, Report, Folder, Groucho, Irving (the largest in our business bag collection) or Musette in suede.

The Lucien and the Musette do not have a specific storage space for computers and tablets; however, they come equipped with snap-on buttons so that you can clip on one of our Misha computer sleeves.


Our leather backpacks, elegant while at the same time remaining loyal to the “workwear” and “outdoor” spirit of Bleu de Chauffe, are also perfect bags for work or an urban lifestyle. These bags include the Zibeline (pouch for 15 inch laptop) or the Puncho (pouch for  14 inch laptop) and the Eclair postman bag in size L. Our suede Camp backpacks are not equipped for laptops, but are otherwise well-suited for life in the city.



If you’re looking for a more casual look for strolling in the city, going shopping, or to the the gym, a great option is our lighter canvas bags. Our canvas comes from the two best specialized companies in France and Great Britain. Their appearance is as unique as the bags are sturdy. Moreover, they are water-repellant. If you want to wear your bag across the body or over the shoulder, there are several options: the Gaston, the Remix or the Fisherman’s Musette in organic cotton or suede leather (3 sizes). We have also created  the Ferdi, an organic cotton bag made specifically for cycling fans that has a short strap with reflective stripes.


If “backpacks” are more your “thing”, you have the choice between the Woody (2 sizes) made of Jeep canvas, or the Camp (2 sizes) in organic cotton or suede leather.

If tote bags are to your liking, we suggest our very large and sturdy Bazar bag made of coated cotton canvas with adjustable vegetable-tanned leather handles.

Bazar tote bag
Origami S bag



Handbags are the must-have accessory for urban women who don’t need to carry around a laptop. Our collection comprises our iconic gibecière Diane (3 sizes), our selection of Origami clutch and tote bags (3 sizes), our Java postman, Pastis and Pastel handbags, our Louis satchel bags and our June and Coline bags.

If you only have to carry around a few small objects such as keys, smartphone, purse or card holders, you might consider the gibecière Diane S, the smallest handbag in our collection, or the Java postman bag. Uniting the elegance of a handbag and the functionality of a business bag, the Dalva Tote business bag with zipper has a pouch specifically for storing a laptop.



Bleu de Chauffe bags and accessories are exceptional in many respects. Each one of our bags is made entirely by hand by a single artisan who is responsible for the piece he or she creates. The bags are not mass produced on an assembly line. Each artisan has their own way of working and creating their bags. The signature of the artisan inside the bag is the mark of a one-of-a-kind and high-end artisanal creation, an object with a soul.

Meanwhile, our artisans all work in the same workshop, use the same creative processes, means of production and undergo the same quality control. This, together with our customer relations, allow us to master each and every step of the creation process. Quality control is done daily and is particularly strict for finished products.

Not a single bag leaves our workshop without having been scrupulously controlled, guaranteeing that its future owner has a French-made bag that is flawless and will last forever.

Pastis and Zeppo bags

If you are looking for just one multifaceted bag or prefer different bags to meet your varying needs, our collection of messenger bags, backpacks, business bags, tote and handbags have all been designed with urban lifestyles in mind.

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