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Zibeline backpack

Motorcycle bag: Choosing the right bag for a motorcycle roadtrip

Discover the requirements of the motorcycle road trip and the best motorcycle bag to select to combine comfort, style and solidity throughout your trip.

Finding the right motorcycle bag is not an easy task. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand conditions which are often harsh – for you and for the bag – and in the case of a biker’s backpack or messenger bag it also has to be a perfect fit for your body so that it is still comfortable to wear even after many hours on the road. And of course, you also need to think about what you want to carry, in order to choose the optimum size of bag with suitable compartments.

A biker holds the Zibeline leather bag in his hand.
Zibeline backpack



From panniers that attach to your bike to biker’s backpacks, there is a huge and varied range of bags out there in a wide range of materials, from synthetic fabrics to leather.

The first decision to be made is therefore what kind of motorcycle bag you want. If you need to carry large volumes or heavy items, it is better to go for a motorcycle bag that attaches onto the rear of the bike or on either side. For anything else, whether for short or long trips, a biker’s backpack is ideal.


You then need to choose the material for your motorcycle bag. This is a point on which you you must be uncompromising when it comes to quality. Motorcycle bags must be able to withstand intensive use and harsh weather conditions (whether rain or sun), and so the bag you choose has to be strong, long-lasting, and impermeable or water resistant. Although leather may be less water-resistant than certain synthetic materials, it is much more hard-wearing – provided it is top quality – and high-quality cotton canvas can be impermeable, making them both an equally great choice.


The third criteria to take into account is the form of the bag. In the case of a biker’s backpack, it must be ergonomic in order to fit your body shape, and be comfortable to wear – for example, it should sit flat on your back. You also need to consider what you will be carrying, in order to decide on the number and dimensions of the bag’s compartments. If you need to carry a laptop, as is often the case – even on long journeys – make sure that the bag has a specifically-designed compartment.


Last but not least, there is one final aspect to take into account: choose a bag with a unique look and a style that suits you, a bag that will bring you pleasure wherever you take it (not just on your bike).



Bleu de Chauffe has several backpacks which are perfect for motorcycles, as well as a kit bag-style piece in our travel range that fixes on to the back of your bike. 


If you love the durability and beauty of high-quality leather, the Zibeline backpack is the ideal biker’s backpack. Inspired by 1960s hiking bags, it is made from vegetable-tanned leather produced in the best French and Italian tanneries – like all Bleu de Chauffe leather bags and accessories. It has a large capacity (20L) and an inner pocket in natural felt which can hold a 16-inch laptop. There is a zipped pocket on outside of the back at the back, giving optimal protection for items and documents such as your cell phone, wallet, or passport. The felt-lined straps make it super comfortable on the shoulders. The Zibeline sits flat against the back, making it particularly suitable for motorcyclists. The Zibeline is made from water-resistant full-grain leather.

For everyday trips, the Puncho backpack, with its 10L capacity and felt compartment for a 14-inch laptop, is an excellent option.


Bleu de Chauffe also has a range of water-resistant cotton canvas backpacks which make great motorcycle bags.

Woody backpacks (in 3 sizes) are a fresh take on traditional climbing bags. They are made from waxed cotton canvas and have an outside zipped pocket on the back of the bag to keep cell phones, wallets, and important documents safe and sound. The straps and details are in vegetable-tanned leather, and the straps are lined with felt for extra comfort.

The bags in the Camp backpack range (in 2 sizes) are inspired by outdoor backpacks from the 50s and 60s, and can also be used as motorcycle bags. Just like the Woody backpack, the straps are made from vegetable-tanned leather lined with natural felt.


If you have bulky or heavy items to transport, go for the Bivouac, a travel bag which has been designed to be fixed onto the back of a motorbike. This kit bag-style piece with its 43.7L capacity is made from an exceptional-quality waxed cotton canvas which is extremely strong and impermeable. It has several straps in vegetable-tanned leather soi t can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder, or attached to your motorbike.


Finally, you have the Ferdi messenger bag, originally designed for cyclists: an excellent choice for trips around town when you only have a few bits and pieces or items of clothing to carry (capacity: 9L).

The Musette canvas bag on a wooden fence
Ferdi musette
A woman with her back to the Camp backpack
Camp backpack



Bleu de Chauffe bags are exceptional quality items. Each bag is entirely made by hand by a single artisan, who is responsible for each bag they make. Their signature, on the inside of each bag, is the mark of a unique item, a top-quality piece of artisanship. These bags are not the result of mass production: each artisan has their own way of working, their own way of creating their bags.  

All production processes are carried out in one place, from creating prototypes to quality control, which gives Bleu de Chauffe complete control over every aspect of the business.


At Bleu de Chauffe we are also particularly concerned about the company’s environmental impact. Most methods for leather tanning use chrome and other heavy metals, which are extremely toxic and polluting substances.

At Bleu de Chauffe we have made the choice to use only European, vegetable-tanned leather. This leather is tanned using natural agents extracted from trees and plants, thus avoiding the pollution caused by heavy metals. Leather tanned in this way develops a natural patina and charm over the years.

Whether backpacks or bags to attach to the back of your motorcycle, at Bleu de Chauffe you will find a range of incredibly hard-wearing bags with a unique style. Beautiful, practical bags, made in France with complete respect for the principles of social and environmental responsibility that are so important for us at Bleu de Chauffe.

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