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The joy of giving at Christmas shouldn't be about overconsumption and waste, so give a gift with meaning.

Bleu de Chauffe bags and accessories are hand-made by highly-qualified artisans at our workshop in Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon, near Millau, in the South West of France. 

We use only the highest quality

 European leather, tanned using vegetable agents to avoid the use of chrome and the pollution it produces. 

Each bag is made by a single artisan who marks their signature on the inside.

Bleu de Chauffe bags and accessories are made to last and become even more beautiful over time.

 Mailman bags, plumber's bags, writer's bags, fishermen's bags… Bleu de Chauffe was born out of the desire to create new versions of the magnificent bags used by 20th-century workers.

The Éclair S, M, and L mailman bags: these satchels are the essence of the Bleu de Chauffe style. The Éclair L can also be used as a backpack.

The Lucien and Louis plumber's satchels: practical bags with a unique style.

The Scott writer's bag: a rigid leather satchel inspired by F.Scott Fitzgerald's legendary bag.

Musette fishermen's satchels are available in a variety of different types of leather, suede, organic cotton canvas, and waxed canvas, perfect for any situation.

Baskia and Baston satchels: practical and elegant with a clean, almost minimalist style.

Staying true to our workwear spirit, our elegant business bags have a unique style and are totally practical. All apart from the Remix have specifically-designed compartments for laptops and tablets.

The Irving 48h mailman bag: the largest of our business bags, it has room for everything you need for a 2 or 3-day trip.

The Groucho briefcase: a lightweight leather bag ideal for carrying folders and a laptop.

The Dalva: a business bag specifically designed for our female customers.

The Report and Folder bags: a fresh take on traditional reporters' bags, they are particularly useful for work.

The Remix bag: a canvas business bag for a stylish, laid-back look.

The Zeppo, partway between a classic business bag and a tote, has a range of specifically-designed compartments for laptops, folders, and other everyday essentials.

Whether canvas, leather, or suede, our backpacks are incredibly sturdy. Their unique style is inspired by traditional hiking bags. With their specifically-designed laptop compartments, our Zibeline and Puncho leather backpacks also make excellent business bags.

The Zibeline: a large-capacity backpack made from the finest leather - a Bleu de Chauffe classic.

The Woody: a backpack with a unique vintage look made from extremely hard-wearing "jeep" canvas.

The Camp backpacks: inspired by 50s and 60s backpacks, they come in two sizes, and in organic cotton canvas or suede.

The Puncho leather backpack: smaller than the Zibeline, with a pared-back, clean style.

Bleu de Chauffe has a stunning range of travel bags in leather and canvas, to take with you whatever the journey.

The Zoom is a premium bag with a minimalist style that still stays true to the Bleu de Chauffe workwear spirit.

The Cabine: made from our signature stonewashed cotton canvas, this bag has a thoroughly outdoor look.

The Hobo, a particularly elegant leather travel bag.

Highly practical for city life or leisure activities, the Bazar totes and Beat belt bags are made from our signature stonewashed coated cotton canvas.

The Bazar: a large-capacity tote featuring a stylised version of the Bleu de Chauffe logo.

The Beat: a neat belt bag, a handy accessory in any situation.

Most of the bags in our collection are unisex, but we wanted to make a few models specifically for women - in addition to the Dalva, part of our business bag range.

The Java, Pastel and Pastis mailman bags: lightweight, practical handbags with an understated elegance.

The Diane gibecières: inspired by early 20th-century gibecières, our Diane bags are available in three sizes.

The Origami: inspired by the famous art of paper folding, these shape-changing bags transform into various fun formats.

We have taken all of our skill and knowledge and applied it to the world of photography, to create the Arles and Bologne bags: all the functionality of a classic camera bag paired with the unique style of our Éclair mailman bag.

Bologne and Arles: camera bags designed for reflex and hybrid models.


In organic cotton moleskin. 100% made in France from the thread to the finished product.

The Germinal jacket: a modern take on the "Bleu de Chauffe", the jacket worn by French railway workers in the early 20th century. A tribute to our roots.

Our aprons: made from the same soft, sturdy moleskin as the Germinal jacket. The straps cross at the back rather than around the neck, making them particularly comfortable to wear.


Belts, coin purses, wallets, card-holders, pencil cases, glasses cases, toiletry bags, leather clutch bags, laptop sleeves: all small leather goods and canvas accessories from Bleu de Chauffe are made in France at our workshop in the Aveyron region.

The Talbin, As, and Pognon coin purses, the Grisbi, Maltese, and Peze wallets, the Intro and Visamex card-holders, the Canton pencil case, and the Binocle glasses case: indispensable and highly practical accessories in soft leather.

The Manille, Maillon, Fred, and Mistoufle belts, with an exclusive buckle design featuring the Bleu de Chauffe logo.

The Zazou toiletry bag and the Cosmo clutch, in leather, suede, or our iconic stonewashed canvas.

Jim, Joe, and Misha laptop and tablet sleeves: minimalist, stylish designs in leather or wool felt. With its popper system, the Misha is designed to fit inside all of our bags.

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