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08 . 02. 2019
A heartbreaking discovery for many people in NYC who's loved one had passed. An Island of those poor unfortunate souls or stillborn babies who weren't registered yet, buried on Hart Island in the unknown to others. Hart Island was part of New York City even before Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island. The island was purchased in 1868 by the Department of Charities and Correction for the purpose of setting up a workhouse for older boys fro... Read more
23 . 01. 2019
TapRoot Farms is able to grow food because of the many hands who come each year to turn the soil, plant the seeds, weed the fields, harvest the crops and prepare the crops for sale and delivery. Caring for our earth is our priority.... Read more
16 . 01. 2019
For a moment it was feared that the frog Romeo is the last of its kind. But now there is hope again! Romeo still appears to have some kindred!  ... Read more
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