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21 . 01. 2015
SPARK is the only design gallery in Reykjavík. It is a platform for design projects with a focus on local initiatives that involve collaboration between designers and other professionals. Each exhibition normally lasts for three months. After the exhibition SPARK stocks the items from the show in their shop and like this they are building up a stock of things they love. They call it their slow shop.... Read more
16 . 12. 2014
À partir de 2015, Art Basel et BMW soutiendront de jeunes artistes en attribuant le BMW Art Journey (Voyage artistique BMW), qui leur permettra d’entreprendre leur propre voyage rempli de découvertes créatives. Fonctionnant comme un studio mobile, le BMW Art Journey peut faire voyager les artistes pratiquement partout dans le monde, afin de développer de nouvelles idées, découvrir de nouveaux thèmes et envisager de nouveaux projets créatifs.... Read more
09 . 12. 2014
The 2 ladies, Ionie Chamilaki and Titia Dane are graduates of The Design Academy in Eindhoven. They explain their specialization in miraculous designs and concepts. Working with explorative methods and using industrial materials. I love I O I A’s customized flock coated foam jewelries. Giving your look a playful input and has also a curious but mysterious look.... Read more
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