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Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°1) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°2) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°3) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°4) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°5) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°6) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°7) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°8) Diane M Gibecière bag - Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather (image n°9)

Diane M Gibecière bag
Lichen Green / Canvas and Leather

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A success-story of the Bleu de Chauffe feminine range, this season the Gibecière is coming out in GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas and vegetable-tanned leather. It is keeping the Gibecière style and the structured look with its reinforced, laminated canvas. This flamboyant little gem encapsulates this summer’s feminine look. 

A stylish and sturdy yet lightweight model, in its M version it is a compact bag with space for all your daily essentials. 

The loops and chapes on the sides – the bag’s signature features – hold a strap inspired by traditional riding crops, allowing it to be carried over the shoulder or across the chest. It has an inner pocket made from organic GOTS certified cotton for all your essential items.

Size: L 18 X H 15 X W 7 cm

The Gibecière is the epitome of local, priceless savoir-faire of the highest standard. Every bag is made in our workshop at Saint-Georges de Luzençon in France.


Structured lines, bold curves and hard leather, assembled using saddle stitching – the Gibecière from Bleu de Chauffe is closer to the world of saddlery than that of leathercraft. A unique technique that gives this bag personality and charm in spades. 


The canvas used for the the Gibecière bag is made from GOTS certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Stan­dard). The fabric is produced in line with strict regulations: natural, plant-based solutions instead of pesticides, no GMO, crop rotation, and safe working conditions.


The canvas used for the Gibecière bag is made from cotton produced on farms using entirely organic and natural methods, with no fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs.


The Gibecière bag can be handed down from gene­ration to generation. With its timeless style, it is a classic for women’s wardrobes that will endure throughout the years.

- GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.

- Vegetable tanned leather.

- One main compartment

- One inner zipped cotton canvas pocket signed by the artisan who made the bag.

- Magnetic fastening

- External dimensions: L 18 X H 15 X W 7 cm

- Inner zipped pocket: 13cm x 11cm

- Strap: Lgth 55cm (min) to 63cm (max)


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For more information

The Gibecière bag, the story of a great classic


Whether made of canvas or leather, the gibecière bag has its origins in the world of hunting and its history goes back a long way. In particular, it was used to carry small game. Over the years, the term "gibecière" was extended to other types of bags worn over the shoulder by various professions, such as delivery boys, "recipe boys" and schoolchildren. This satchel bag has evolved with lifestyles while retaining its two essential features: an adjustable shoulder strap and a central flap for quick access to its contents. These functional elements and stylistic codes remain intact despite its adaptation to the changing needs of society. The Gibecière bag embodies today's outdoor and rural heritage. It is also a reminder of its origins as one of the first saddlebags in history.


Bleu de Chauffe has reinvented this great classic with this small bag steeped in history, giving it a new, more feminine and urban life.

A harmony of materials.


Originally offered entirely in vegetable-tanned leather, Diane gibecière has been reinvented without losing any of its functionality or unique character. To add a touch of lightness and elegance, our iconic handbag is now available in canvas, sublimated by vegetable-tanned leather sides and edging.

Its sturdiness and design make it an ideal everyday companion: its compartment and small cotton pouch keep your essentials (keys, phone, wallet, etc.) close at hand.

French & handcrafted

Each Gibecière is made from A to Z by the same leather craftsman in our unique Aveyron workshop (in Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon). 

Discover the manufacturing process with Morgane, artisan Bleu de Chauffe.

British Millerain cotton canvas chosen for Gibecière Diane


La Gibecière Diane is equipped this season with a GOTS certified, 14 OZ Lick Wax, organic cotton canvas made by British Millerain. This choice embodies excellence and authenticity. Rigorously selected for its exceptional performance, it combines tradition and innovation. With a weight of 500 g/m2 and an ultra-tight weave, this fabric offers unrivaled abrasion resistance and traction, making it the undisputed benchmark for leather goods and luggage.


Each fiber is meticulously woven to give our Gibecière bag a unique personality. The natural beeswax finish is meticulously applied to the canvas, providing a soft, non-greasy feel while offering reliable protection from the elements and the vagaries of urban life.


Established in the UK at the end of the 19th century, British Millerain is a renowned manufacturer of traditional, highly resistant waterproof canvas, a guarantee of quality and durability. Its ancestral know-how is used in a wide range of fields, from military activities to outdoor adventures.

Vegetable-tanned leather for every detail


We've made no concessions when it comes to upholstery, opting for full-grain leather tanned without harmful substances such as chromium or aluminum. Vegetable tanning is natural, using tannins derived from organic substances such as mimosa, chestnut or acacia. Vegetable tanning makes the leather firmer and stronger, and the pigmentation in the leather provides more intense, natural colors, as well as greater durability and patina over time.

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