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Bleu de Chauffe x Atelier Paulin

In an exclusive collaboration, Bleu de Chauffe and Atelier Paulin are pooling their expertise together, taking a bag from yet another profession to make it their own: the jeweler’s bag.
Atelier Paulin is a french jewelry brand based on a disappearing ancestral technique: the art of hand shaping a precious metal wire into beautiful creations. Each creation is made from a single precious metal wire and is a mirror of its owner’s personnal emotions. Both in Atelier Paulin and in Bleu de Chauffe, each artisan handmade with love a unique and a personalized product.
With the « Bijou », Bleu de Chauffe is providing the artisans at Atelier Paulin with a bag for their trade, perfectly adapted to their skilled work. Pliers, files, and wires made from precious metals all have a place in this little pleated bag which can be worn over the shoulder, as a retro belt bag, or as a clutch bag.It is the perfect size for life’s daily necessities, and fits equally well with masculine and feminine wardrobes.

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  • Jeweler’s bag

    $ 178.75
  • Leather sheath

    $ 32.08
  • "reel holder" BDC x Atelier Paulin

    $ 13.75
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