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A matter of style and detail

In this new range, Bleu de Chauffe has worked with clean and precise lines, forms, materials, and finishes.

Origami is so much more than just paper-folding. In the same way, our Origami range gives you so much more than just a bag.

It is a unique creation: with a unique opening system and kinematic design, Origami bags are bringing back this ancestral artform.

A unique sensation to the touch

Smooth leather, giving you an unrivalled lustrous feel.
A feminine bag, soft and sensual to the touch, inspired by natural blotting paper.

A tried-and-tested technique, leading to an exceptional creation

Leather is even more beautiful when the pieces it is used for are created and put together to the highest possible standards.

The layers are rubbed down and dyed three times, in an echo of the Origami-like structure found in this range.

Cord straps encased in leather give flexibility and a soft touch, for unrivalled comfort.

A work of art

Partly concealed beneath a leather fold, the Origami lock, forged with a vintage brass finish, closes with a simple magnet.
Designed to evoke a band of light, this lock epitomises the clean lines of the origami range.
  • Origami M Tote

    $ 481.25
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