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La gibecière by bleu de chauffe


Made of canvas or leather, the hunting bag (la gibecière) was originally a loose- fitting bag worn across the shoulder and made so that hunters could carry their provisions and supplies. Several historical texts and collections attest to its use since the Middle Ages.

Later, and by analogy, the term “gibecière” spread and came to mean all types

of bags worn over the shoulder, such as those used by school children, delivery men, clerks, and especially by bank messengers. In uniform, with cocked hats on their heads and morning coats on their backs, these well-known urban figures would crisscross the city to collect paper assets from businesses owners before bringing them back to the bank.

Many years have passed, lifestyles have changed, and the gibecière has gra- dually lost its traditional use, but has nonetheless conserved two main fea- tures : an adjustable shoulder strap and the central flap. It’s a must-have leather bag that Bleu de Chauffe has had fun reinventing as a city bag for women.

-A tribute to the outdoor and urban heri- tage of one of the first bags in history.


With its structured silhouette, sleek lines, rigid leather, and saddle-point assembly technique, the Bleu de Chauffe gibecière has more in common with saddle-making than with the manufacturing of other leather goods, which gives it all its character and charm.


True to the core values of Bleu de Chauffe, the gibecière is produced entirely in France with the constant concern for creating a positive impact on society and the environment. The leather is transformed using 100% vegetable tanning agents, guaranteeing that there is no danger to the health of the artisan,

to the owner, nor to the environment. The bags are then waterproofed thanks to a coating process that is totally natural and non-toxic.


Inspired by the archives of the beginning of the 20th century, the gibecière by Bleu de Chauffe stands out above the rest with its unique appeal and resolutely contemporary accents.

Combining style, casualness, and resistance, the gibecière comes in two sizes : miniature and ultra-compact, both ideal for use in the city. They are fashioned from vegetable tanned natural leathers with a smooth and light grain that give them a structured yet supple finish, making their everyday use a pleasure.


The signature elements of this bag, both the side corners and the buckle chapes, accommodate a shoulder strap, inspired from traditional riding crops or “horse whips”, making it easy to wear over the shoulder or across the body. The cover flap is enhanced with a customizable leather harness offering optimal protection of the bag’s contents. An inside compartment made of GOTS certified cotton allows for storage of all essentials.

-By reinterpreting fashion codes, mastering different eras, and infusing charm and a modern touch into an authentic style... all this with “savoir-faire”, ethics, and precision... that’s the true spirit of Bleu de Chauffe.


Bleu de Chauffe is a committed and responsible leather goods producer.

Every day, for over ten years, we have risen to the challenge: making exceptional pieces in France whilst taking great care to safeguard the wellbeing of every one of our employees, as well as the ecosystem and environment around us.

From tanning to cutting out the leather, from design to stitching, every Bleu de Chauffe piece is born out of an encounter with some of the best artisans in France, with a constant desire to have a positive impact.

We believe that fairer, more respectful, and more sustainable manufacturing is possible, without compromising our passion for stylish design and beautiful materials.

Every day, the teams at Bleu de Chauffe work hard, finding innovative ways to put ethical, stylish design within your reach.

  • Diane M Gibecière bag

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  • Diane M Gibecière bag

    $ 270.41
  • Diane L Gibecière bag

    $ 307.09
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