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Bleu de Chauffe x Élysée


Bleu de Chauffe and la Présidence de la République are unveiling a new collection of ten limited edition pieces created with a common goal in mind: to promote 100% French manufacturing which is fair and considered.


Made in France from start to finish, every piece from Bleu de Chauffe is created with the constant desire to have a positive impact on society and the environment – values upheld by Présidence de la République, who have chosen Bleu de Chauffe to promote and celebrate this new fashion of production. The profits from the sale of these products will contribute to funding the renovation of the Elysée palace, 300 years after it was built.

Decorated with the Elysée initials and designed in a range of presidential colors, the ten pieces in the Bleu de Chauffe x Élysée collection are made in Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon by our artisan leathersmiths from bio-sourced, environmentally-friendly materials: vegetable-tanned leather and GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas. A commitment to society accessible to all ! You might like to know that the names of the various products in the Bleu de Chauffe X Élysée collection are a nod to the successive presidents of the 5th Republic and their most faithful canine companions, Nil, Baltique, Sumo, Némo, Philae, Maksou, Jugurtha, Samba and Clar.

MASKOU pencil case


This zipped pencil case, made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather, is perfect for your pencils, pens, and any other small essential items. With its compact design, it can slip easily into all kinds of handbag.

COLLET desk pad

A desk pad in pure vegetable-tanned leather for unparalleled writing comfort. Elegant and refined, it fits perfectly with any style of interior design.

NEMO briefcase 


In three different shades, this vegetable-tanned leather briefcase has a main zipped compartment which can easily hold a 15-inch laptop as well as all your vital documents. An indispensable companion for the day-to-day!


SUMO laptop bag 


A blend of practicality and style, this laptop bag is made in France from GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas, with details in vegetable-tanned leather. With several different compartments, it is easily big enough to hold your laptop and all your daily essentials.

NIL wallet


Stylish yet casual, this compact leather wallet has space for all your coins and banknotes. The vegetable-tanned leather gives it a beautiful subtly textured look.

PHILAE card-holder


Made to slip into a pocket or a bag, this card-holder is cut, assembled, and stitched exclusively in France from vegetable-tanned leather.

JUGURTHA coin purse


This compact coin purse gets its charm from its subtly curved lines. In 100% vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, it is the perfect light and stylish everyday companion. 


SAMBA passport holder


A sophisticated accessory for the eminently elegant traveler. 100% French manufacturing, vegetable-tanned leather.

Set of BALTIQUE beer mats

The ideal gift for the modern gentleman, these leather coasters are made in France by our first-class artisan leathersmiths.

CLARA tote shopping bag


With its ample format, the Clara cabas has space for all your daily essentials, so you can carry it with you throughout the day. Light and supple, it is made from coated cotton canvas accentuated with details in vegetable-tanned leather.

  • PHILAE card holder

    $ 45.84
  • SAMBA passport holder

    $ 36.66
  • SUMO laptop bag

    $ 275.00
  • JUGURTHA coin purse

    $ 73.34
  • NIL wallet

    $ 110.00
  • Set of BALTIQUE beer mats

    $ 45.84
  • COLLET desk pad

    $ 77.91
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