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Ideal for cycling enthusiasts, our musette FERDI breaks away from the pack.

Inspired by former American courier bags, the new musette FERDI is assembled using the most sustainable means of production. 


Made from GOTS certified organic waxed cotton, this bag is not only timeless and functional, but respectful of the environment and water-resistant. Its adjustable strap, featuring a reflective 3M strip, allows it to be worn close to the body or over the shoulder. 

Built for comfort and safety, this bag will be your ideal companion while getting around on foot or by bike, both day and night. 



The musette FERDI for cyclists is the expression of a local, priceless,  and demanding “savoir-faire”. Each piece is made by hand by our artisans in our workshop in  Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon in France.




At Bleu de Chauffe, there are no production lines. Every musette is made by the same artisan from start to finish, and is dated and signed by them. All of our artisans are fully qualified and are renowned for their precision, experience, and skill. 



Thanks to the sustainable manufacturing process, the musette FERDI will be handed down from generation to generation. With its timeless style, it is a classic for men’s and women’s wardrobes that will endure throughout the years. 



The canvas used for the musette FERDI  is 100% natural and organic cotton from GOTS certified farms that never use fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. 



The leather used for the musette FERDI is tanned using plant-based tannins that come from organic materials such as sap, leaves, or bark. 



The canvas of the musette FERDI is strengthened and waterproofed using a vegetable-based coating method in order to avoid the use of pesticides and other pollutants. This waterproofing process ensures effective protection against the rain. 

  • Vélo Ferdi Musette – Yellow Ochre

    $ 330.00
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