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Chroma, the French Exception.
Appreciated for its natural aged leather, the Chroma X Bleu de Chauffe turntable saw great success upon its launch in 2022.

 This unique collaboration between Elipson, a pioneer in French electro-acoustics, and Bleu de Chauffe, a renowned leather goods house, is back this year to delight music enthusiasts and quality aficionados. To continue this encounter between two French craftsmanship traditions, Bleu de Chauffe and Elipson present a new edition of the Chroma, adorned with peacock-toned leather. This edition embodies Elipson's technical expertise and Bleu de Chauffe's artisanal dedication, offering sophistication and novelty to connoisseurs seeking excellence.

 This special edition of the Chroma by Bleu de Chauffe combines art and technology for an exceptional auditory experience. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or in search of artisanal excellence, the peacock leather Chroma represents the pinnacle of French craftsmanship, blending tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and technology, for a unique and unforgettable experience. We can't wait to unveil this sonic and visual masterpiece. 


Founded in 1938 by Joseph Léon, Elipson is the oldest French hi-fi brand. A true embodiment of the French sound, warm and articulate, Elipson has always stood out for its notable advancements in the field of acoustics and design.

In 2014, in response to the global resurgence of vinyl records, the Elipson team embarked on an ambitious project: the creation of a consumer-friendly turntable. In line with the brand's spirit, this new turntable had to be both innovative, stylish, and made in France. This gave birth to Elipson's first French-made hi-fi Bluetooth turntable: the Chroma turntable. A vintage and high-tech object that perfectly embodies the codes of French elegance. The brand's designers brought this project to life by creating a turntable with clean, rounded lines and subtle features characteristic of the Elipson style.


Iconic Planet loudspeaker by Elipson
Planet, Elipson's iconic loudspeaker

Passion and Craftsmanship

Each step of the Chroma turntable's production was carried out by expert and passionate hands.
It all began with the selection of the highest-quality bovine leather required for its creation. Then, in the workshops of Bleu de Chauffe, magic happens as the leather is cut, laid, and marked, breathing life into the project. Next, the skilled artisans of Elipson in Bourgogne take over for the assembly and the final touch of this precious product.

Quality and Performance

The leather used for this turntable is full-grain bovine leather, subjected to a vegetable tanning process, crafted from natural essences such as acacia, mimosa, and chestnut. It undergoes a tanning process to achieve optimal suppleness, revealing its natural and deeply pigmented grain.

The combination of birch wood and natural, aged leather provides effective wave absorption for smooth playback. The Chroma turntable incorporates the latest technological advances developed by Elipson

for its vinyl turntables. It is equipped with the new ASC digital motor, a phono preamplifier and a Bluetooth transmitter for easy connection to any connected hi-fi system.

  • Chroma turntable

    $ 915.75
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