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Giving a Men’s Bag for Christmas: Our Advice

The end of year holidays are an ideal time to give a beautiful, practical, and  meaningful gift. When a men’s bag is of an exceptional quality and made to last, it is an object that the lucky recipient will use daily and for a very long time. But make sure you know the needs of the person you are giving it to. Does he require a bag for daily use, for weekend getaways, or longer hauls? What will he need to put in it for work, while out and about in the city, or during leisure activities? What style does he prefer... backpack, messenger bag, business bag, tote bag, duffle bag, waist bag...? Does he prefer leather or canvas? How much importance does he give to the resilience and longevity of the product or where it comes from? Are you looking for a bag that he’ll have for the rest of his life and that will become more beautiful with age, or rather a bag of a lesser quality; one that will only be temporary?

Irving, Musette, Woody M, Hobo, Cabine ad Eclair M bags



Unlike industrial-made bags that come from distant countries, and are produced by unqualified and poorly paid workers, each Bleu de Chauffe bag is a unique object, hand-made in our workshop in the Aveyron region of France by a single craftsman and with only the best French and European canvases and leathers.

The leathers are tanned in France or in Italy with organic materials (oak, acacia, chestnut…), without the use of chromium and other polluting heavy metals, which make the leathers less toxic for the skin. As a result, these leathers develop a natural sheen and  become more and more beautiful over time.


Our canvas comes from two of the most specialized companies in France and Great Britain. Thanks to their water-resistant quality, they marry both beauty and practicality (Jeep canvas, canvas in organic cotton).

Messenger bag, backpack, business bag, tote bag, weekend bag: the men’s bag collection by Bleu de Chauffe has been designed to meet all your needs.



Bleu de Chauffe back packs are perfect for both work and pleasure. Try one in canvas for a more casual look. Our collection of canvas backpacks include the Woody (3 sized, Jeep canvas), the Camp (made of organic cotton).

For  professional use, try our leather bags with an integrated  felt pocket for your laptop computer.  Our collection of leather back packs include the Arlo (for a 17-inch laptop), the Puncho (for a 15-inch laptop), the Éclair in size L (for a 15-inch laptop), and the suede leather Camp (2 sizes, M and S) without computer pocket – the Camp M is big enough for a 13-inch laptop.)

Camp and Woody bags
Zeppo business bag



If you are looking specifically for a business bag, we have leather bags that have been created just for this purpose. Our collection of leather  business bags include the Zeppo, the Report, the Folder, the Irving, the previously mentioned backpacks, as well as our iconic messenger bags (see above).

The Zeppo, with its minimalist style uniting the classic lines of a business bag with the curves of a tote bag, has two exterior compartments for laptop and folders. The Report, a reinterpretation of the reporter bags, is a very functional bag with a built-in computer sleeve for a 13-inch laptop. The Folder is a

briefcase that is smaller than the Report, but also has a computer sleeve for a 13-inch laptop.

The Irving postman bag is the largest of the business bags. It’s a 48-hour business bag which is big enough for a two or three-day business trip.



If you would like to give a bag for frequent use, for carrying around a computer, files, and everyday objects, the messenger bags by Bleu de Chauffe are ideal.

The leather messenger bag, the iconic of Bleu de Chauffe bag, is a reinterpretation of 20th century work bags (postman’s, plumber’s, physician’s, reporter’s bags, …). You can wear them over your shoulder, across your body, or hold them in your hands. Most of them contain a felt computer sleeve for laptop computers.


Our collection of leather messenger bags include the men’s leather postman’s bag Éclair (sizes S, M and L), the Lucien, the Louis, the Goucho, and the fisherman’s bag Musette in suede. With the exception of the Louis, which cannot fit a laptop, and the Musette, with its supple leather, these bags make perfect business bags.


The canvas messenger bags are more supple, but very sturdy. Our collection includes the fisherman’s bags Musette made of organic cotton (3 sizes, and also available in suede), the Gaston and the Remix. Even though the Gaston and the Remix are large enough for laptops, they don’t contain a special felt laptop sleeve.

Muette fishermen bag
Hobo travel bag



If you wish to give someone a travel bag, our collection includes three models: the Hobo, the Bivouac, and the Cabine.

The Hobo is an exceptional leather bag. The Bivouac is a duffle bag that comes in canvas or in leather. If the person receiving the gift is a motorcyclist, this bag is particularly appropriate. The Cabine is a canvas bag which is larger, but cannot be registered when boarding an airplane.


For photographers, our two leather camera bags, the very attractive Bologne and Arles bags, make great gifts. They both resemble our leather postmen’s Éclair and conceal the presence of any photography equipment.

If you’re looking for a bag for small objects such as a cellphone, wallet, glasses, keys and pens, a canvas waist bag Beat would make the perfect gift.

Musette fishermen bag

Giving a Bleu de Chauffe men’s bag this Christmas means that you’d be choosing an exceptional object that just makes sense. We have always been intentional in creating bags of exceptional quality, entirely made in France with respect for the environment. Each of our bags is the work of an artisan, uniquely created to last and become even more beautiful over time.

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