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Leather wallet on a wooden table


An essential leather accessory, the men’s coin purse can be distinguished from the wallet by its smaller capacity. It is designed to hold coins, notes, travel passes, credit cards and I.D. cards, but unlike a wallet does not have the space for larger documents. Bleu de Chauffe has a range of coin purses in vegetable-tanned leather; supple, strong, elegant, and true to the unique style of the leather goods produced at our workshop.  

Men's brown leather coin purse
Talbin coin purse


Coin purses come in all shapes and sizes: square, rectangular, round, and oval. They also come with a variety of different closures, such as zips, flaps, or clasps, and may have just one compartment or several. When choosing between them, it is worth thinking not only about what you are going to put in your coin purse, but also how you are going to carry it: if you are going to put your men’s coin purse in your bag you can choose a much larger one than if you intend to carry it in your trouser pocket.

You can find coin purses in many different materials, included a variety of synthetic materials, but in almost all cases it goes without saying that a leather men’s coin purse is the best choice. There are a few exceptions, for example if you play a sport where you need a coin purse that is 100% waterproof – and the leather still has to be of impeccable quality.


A top-quality men’s leather coin purse is an accessory which is not only stylish and hard-wearing, but also one which will become more supple and more beautiful over time. But you have to watch out for coin purses made from inferior leather. You can always tell by the details, for example linings used to hide the poor quality of the material, or dye which stays on the surface and has not penetrated the leather. Bleu de Chauffe coin purses are made entirely from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from the best French and Italian tanneries.



Most leather is treated using mineral tanning processes. This enables the colors to develop more quickly, which therefore makes it cheaper – but it requires the use of chrome and other heavy metals and chemicals. These agents are extremely polluting, and can be toxic. Although it is rare, they can cause allergies when they come into contact with the skin.


Vegetable tanning is an ancient and much more environmentally-friendly process which uses natural tannins from trees and plants (oak, acacia, chestnut, mimosa…). It takes much longer and is therefore more expensive. It gives a more authentic look to the leather, which will develop a beautiful natural patina over time.


At Bleu de Chauffe we care about reducing our company’s environmental impact at every stage of production, so it was the logical choice to use only vegetable-tanned leather, as much for ecological reasons as for its superior quality, its unique look, and the natural patina it develops with age. Because every Bleu de Chauffe bag and accessory is made to last.

AS women's coin purse
As coin purse
Handcrafted black leather coin purse
Talbin coin purse

leather purse bleu de chauffe

Bleu de Chauffe has a range of leather coin purses – simple and timeless, with an air of understated elegance.   

The Talbin men’s leather coin purse is one of the emblematic pieces of our collection. This men’s coin purse, which unfolds like a piece of origami, is modelled on the ones used in the past by cobblers in the Alsace. True to our passion for bags and leather items from the professions of the 20th century, we have decided to bring this stunning leather coin purse back to life. It measures 10cm by 7cm, and so can easily hold credit cards, coins, notes, and travel passes. The leather has been lightly milled to give it a uniquely supple feel and a distinct look. It closes with a bronze-finish snap fastener.


If you carry your coin purse in your trouser pocket, the As men’s leather coin purse is the one for you. It is flat, and measures 11cm by 8.5cm, with three compartments for your credit cards, I.D. cards, travel passes, and notes. The zip fastening provides quick access. It is made from lightly textured leather.

Measuring 13.5cm X 9cm, the Pognon men’s coin purse is a slightly larger version of the As coin purse.

Nothing is more elegant than a men’s leather coin purse, as long as it is made from the highest-quality leather. The Talbin, As, and Pognon coin purses, with a style true to the spirit of Bleu de Chauffe, are must-have accessories which will stay with you over the years, gradually developing into unique pieces with a beautiful time-worn patina.

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