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A bag is an essential work accessory. It is designed to be used every day and must be chosen with great care. Firstly, a business bag must be practical, for example it must have plenty of space for a laptop. However, it should also have a style that reflects your personality, masculine or feminine. And of course the quality must be flawless.

A man carrying a leather satchel in a village
Postman bag



When choosing your business bag, there are several factors to take into account, the most important being capacity and materials.


As for capacity, you should consider the volume and type of items you need to carry, and think about whether you want a bag for purely professional use, or for other situations too such as shopping or short trips. It must at least have space for a laptop, and ideally it should have a specifically-designed compartment. You should also check the various compartments: outside or inside pockets, clasps, how easy they are to access.


When it comes to materials, a leather business bag is the obvious choice, given how stylish and hard-wearing leather can be – provided it is of the highest quality. Avoid at all costs bags whose details betray the poor quality of the leather: fabric linings used to hide faults, superficial dyes (on good-quality leather the dye should penetrate the material), superfluous stitching. Bags made from poor-quality leather are cheaper, but they are less attractive, and more importantly they are not very durable and do not age well. A bag made from exceptional quality leather will be extremely hard-wearing and will become more beautiful over time.


If your workplace allows for a more relaxed style, you can opt for a canvas business bag. Again, you absolutely cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the canvas or of the bag as a whole: don’t forget that that you will be using it to carry valuable items every day, such as your laptop and mobile phone.


Finally, there is a choice of styles depending on your taste and what you will be using it for: briefcases, business satchels, messenger bags, or backpacks.



Bleu de Chauffe business bags are restyled versions of 20th century workers’ bags. They are ideal for most professions and have a unique, clean style.


For men, the Zeppo is the perfect business bag. It has two outside compartments for laptops and files, as well as several pockets and a clever zip opening where you can insert the handle of a trolley on business trips. With its minimalist, elegant style, it is a cross between a classic business bag and a tote. It comes in full leather, or a lighter leather and canvas version.


Another bag designed for professional use is the Report, inspired by reporters’ bags. It has a specially-designed compartment for a 14-inch laptop, a zipped inside pocket, and two zipped outside pockets. The Folder is a slimmer version of the Report but with the same compartments. Both the Report and the Folder have a zipped pocket to insert the handle of a trolley.


The Irving is our largest business bag. This elegant 20L mailman bag can also be used for short trips.


The Zeppo, Report, and Irving bags can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder.

The black Zeppo computer bag on a stool, a man in workwear stands next to it.
Zeppo bag
A woman sits in front of her Origami shopping bag
Dalva bag

Bleu de Chauffe also has a range of leather and canvas messenger bags that can be used for work: the Groucho and Lucien in leather, the Remix in canvas, and the Musette in leather or canvas. The Lucien, Remix, and Musette messenger bags do not have a specific compartment for laptops or tablets, but they are designed so that you can clip one of our Misha laptop or tablet sleeves onto the inside.


Bleu de Chauffe leather backpacks, which have a distinct style while staying true to the company’s workwear and outdoor spirit, also make very good business bags. We have the Zibeline (with space for a 15-inch laptop), the Puncho (with space for a 14-inch laptop), and the large Éclair mailman bag.


Most Bleu de Chauffe men’s business bags are perfectly suitable for women. However, we have created a women business bag : the Dalva. 

Made from incredibly soft leather inspired by the feel of blotting paper, this is a large-capacity business bag that can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder, or across the chest. The bag contains several compartments, with a large zipped pocket for a 14-inch laptop and a smaller zipped pouch for smaller items such as mobile phones or keys.

It may not have a specific laptop compartment (although you can attach a sleeve to the inside thanks to our SNAP concept), but the Origami L is a spacious feminine bag that also makes a great business bag.



All Bleu de Chauffe bags are produced at our workshop in the Aveyron region from the best European vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanning uses natural pigments, and is a much less polluting and toxic method than tanning leather with chrome – yet chrome tanning is much more widespread because it is so much cheaper. Vegetable tanning is more expensive, but the quality is beyond compare, and the leather becomes more beautiful with age.  


Each bag is made by a single artisan. When the bag is finished, they sign their name on the inside – the mark of a unique item.

All parts of the production and sales processes, from design to quality control and customer service, happen in one place: the Bleu de Chauffe workshop. This means that we ensure the quality of every bag that leaves the workshop.

The Remix business bag, worn
Remix bag

Bleu de Chauffe gives you a range of men’s and women’s business bags which are uniquely stylish, extremely practical, and guaranteed to be of impeccably high quality. Each bag is made to become more beautiful over time – and each bag has its own character.

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