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Women’s business bags

With our without a strap, the women’s business bags by Bleu de Chauffe style themselves after the traditional briefcase offering a fashionable and elegant design. The Bleu de Chauffe business bags are practical and functional, perfectly tailored for a busy and contemporary lifestyle. In it, you’ll be able to store your personal belongings, documents, and your laptop computer: The Bleu de Chauffe spirit means “made in France” high-quality leather goods that combine both efficiency and authentic design.


For each one of our bags is crafted with passion in our workshop in Aveyron, France. It is then dated and signed by the artisan that made it. If you’re looking for a women’s business briefcase to compliment your work attire or to enjoy its beauty and practicality each and every day, Bleu de Chauffe invites you to have a look through our collection. 

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  • Bazela Tote bag

    $ 343.75
  • Bella besace bag

    $ 343.75
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