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Are you looking to buy yourself (or someone else) a men’s bag? Well, make sure you know what you’re needs are first. Do you require a bag for daily use, for the weekend, or longer? What do you need to be able to put in it? Are you looking for a leather bag for work, for pleasure, or for travel? What style is more likely to suit your lifestyle: a backpack, a messenger bag, or a duffle bag? Are you a leather or canvas person? And, above all, how much importance do you attach to the resilience and longevity of the product you are buying, or where it comes from? Are you looking for a bag that you’ll have for the rest of your life and will only become more beautiful with age, or rather a bag of a lesser quality, and therefore one that will only be of temporary use?

Musette messenger bag


When you choose to buy a Bleu de Chauffe bag, you’ve already answered the last question. Unlike industrial-made bags, which are not made to last, each Bleu de Chauffe bag is a unique object, hand-made in our workshop in the Aveyron region of France by only one single craftsman, and with only the best French and European canvases and leathers.


The leathers are tanned in France or in Italy with organic materials (oak, acacia, chestnut…), without the use of chrome and other polluting heavy metals, which make them less toxic for the skin, and invariably allowing them to increase in attractiveness over years of use, thanks to the resulting natural sheen. 

The canvases are provided by two of the best specialist companies in France and Great Britain. Water-resistant, they bring together both beauty and protection (jeep canvas, parachute canvas, Teklight).


The Bleu de Chauffe collection has been designed to meet all your needs and gift ideas for a beautiful and lasting object; a gift with meaning: Messenger bags, backpacks, business bags, waist bags, or weekenders.


If you’re looking for a bag for frequent use, for carrying around your computer, your files, and everyday objects, the messenger bags by Bleu de Chauffe are for you.


The leather messenger bags are the iconic bags of Bleu de Chauffe. A reinterpretation of 20th century work bags (postman’s, plumber’s, physician’s, writer’s bags, …), they are practically designed and, in most cases, contain a felt pocket for laptop computers: the Éclair bags (three sizes), the Lucien, the Report leather bag, the Groucho or the Irving (the largest). These messenger bags also make perfect business bags.


If you prefer the look of the messenger bag in canvas, which is more supple yet equally resistant, you have the choice of the Gaston, the Remix, the Report canvas, or the Musette fisherman’s bag (please note that these bags are large enough for your laptop, however they don’t come with a felt pocket). The Louis canvas bag and the Gibus leather bag are not large enough for a laptop because of their dimensions.

Woody and Basile backpacks

Also excellent for daily use are the Bleu de Chauffe backpacks. Choose one in canvas for a more casual style: the Woody (three sizes, jeep canvas), the Camp (organic cotton), the Basile and the Bayou (Teklight, ultra-light and resistant parachute canvas) for use both outdoors and in the city. Then, there are our leather business bag with integrated felt pockets for laptop: the Arlo (storage for a laptop up to 17 inches), or the Puncho (storage for a laptop up to 15 inches), or the Éclair bag in a size L.


If you are looking specifically for a business bag, we have leather bags that have the look and characteristics just for this purpose: the Zeppo, the Branco, the Jupiter, or the messenger bags or backpacks previously mentioned. If you are planning on being on the go for two days or more, choose one of our weekenders made of a materiel that matches your preference and budget: our special leather Hobo and Gummo bags, or the Cabine, and Bivouac bags in canvas, or the Baroud in Teklight.


If you’re looking for something perfect for keeping small daily items (such as a telephone, wallet, glasses, keys, and pens) our Bastille waist bag in Teklight is exactly what you need. And last but not least, if you’re looking for a tote bag, try our Barda made of Teklight (with a 15 L capacity) or the more voluminous Barous bag (made of the same material, yet with a 35 L capacity).

Report bag

Since its conception, Bleu de Chauffe has chosen to make products that are environmentally friendly and of an exceptional quality, entirely made in France, from start to finish. We aim to produce bags, signed by the artisans who created them, that are unique and have a soul. So that the bag you choose becomes, with each passing year, better with age, as it accompanies you on your journey through life.

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