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Choosing a Bag According to Your Style

A man carrying a leather backpack
Arlo backpack

Above all, men’s bags must be practical and resistant. Their design and how they complement your look are also crucial. Needless to say, you must take into consideration what you’ll be using it for, such as business, pleasure, travel, or everyday use, and what you plan on carrying in it. Whether you’re in search of a bag for your professional life or for your leisure activities, the Bleu de Chauffe collection has been designed to cover all your needs: Leather or canvas bags, messenger bags, backpacks, and travel bags.


For most professional activities or simply for a more “urban” look, a leather bag is the natural choice for most men, provided that its quality is outstanding. The leathers of Bleu de Chauffe come from the best tanneries, and are treated with vegetal tanning agents (oak, acacia and chestnut) without the use of chrome or other polluting heavy metals, which makes them less toxic for the skin and allows them to increase in attractiveness over time, and to age with a beautiful and natural sheen.

Worn over the shoulder, across the body or held in your hand, a leather messenger bag is always an excellent choice. Bleu de Chauffe messenger bags, which are reinterpretations of 20th century craft bags, pair just as easily with a dress suit as with casual attire. These bags include the Éclair (3 sizes), the Lucien, the leather Report, the Folder, the Groucho, the Zeppo, the Branco, and the Irving (more voluminous) or the suede Musette. With the exception of the Lucien messenger plumber bag and the Musette fisherman’s bag, they all contain a felt pocket for your computer.

Bleu de Chauffe leather backpacks are also the perfect bags for work or for the city, no matter what your outfit for the day might be. These backpacks include the Arlo (which accommodates a portable computer up to 17 inches wide), or the Puncho (up to 15 inches wide), or the postman’s bag Éclair in a size L.

The Jupiter, the most classic of all the Bleu de Chauffe’s business bags, is more formal, yet goes surprisingly well with a more “casual” professional look.

A man poses next to the Zeppo bag
Zeppo bag
A man carries Gaston's musette over his shoulder
Gaston messenger bag


Thanks to their unique design, each leather messenger bag made by Bleu de Chauffe compliments almost every style. Nevertheless, for a more casual look and for use in the outdoors, it makes sense to choose a lighter canvas bag. Our canvases come from the two best specialist companies in France and Great Britain. They combine both a distinctive look (jeep canvas, parachute canvas, Teklight) with a very strong resistance, and they are water-resistant.

For wearing over the shoulder or across the body, consider choosing the messenger bags Gaston, Remix, Report canvas, Gibus, or the fisherman’s bag Musette made of organic cotton.

If you are more inclined to prefer backpacks, choose the Woody (3 sizes, jeep canvas), the Camp (organic cotton), or the Basile and Bayou bags (in Teklight, in an ultralight and resistant parachute canvas, or in a camo canvas) for use in the city as well as outdoors.

If you like tote bags, consider the Caylar leather bag, or, for an even more laid-back look, the Barda bag in Teklight (15L volume) or the Baroud (same material, 35L)

Finally, for fans of waist bags, consider the Bastille in Teklight or the canvas Como (volume 8L)


When travelling for longer than two days, consider choosing one of our “weekenders” in the material you prefer and within your budget, for, whether in leather or canvas, they are perfectly adaptable to any style.

The Hobo is an exceptional leather men’s travel bag that would even look great with jeans or chinos. The canvas Cabin bags or the Teklight Baroud suit any look or style.

Certain bags have been designed for more specific purposes, in collaboration with other well-known brands. The Bivouac and the Eclair R18, created in collaboration with BMW, are particularly aimed at bikers looking for a genuine motorcycle bag. The Arles and the Bologne are leather camera bags designed in collaboration with Olympus.

Belts, change purses, wallets...: many small leather accessories Made in France with the Bleu de Chaffe label also allow you to add a personal touch of quality to your wardrobe.

A group of men carrying various Bleu de Chauffe bags

Unlike the mass-produced bags that are not made to last, each and every Bleu de Chauffe bag is a distinctive, hand-made object, signed by only one craftsperson in our workshops near Millau in the south-west of France.

Since its conception, Bleu de Chauffe, has made the choice of producing goods of an exceptional quality, and respectful of the environment. Our wish is that each and every bag that we produce has a soul, and is just as unique as you are. 

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