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Bleu de Chauffe canvas bags are made of either waxed canvas, some of which comes from  organic cotton, as well as stone-washed canvas. Our waxed canvasses are produced in England by British Millerain, who has been a world reference in this material for over a century. The stone-washed canvasses come from France’s last canvas producer, situated in the north of France.

Camp and Woody backpacks


Our waxed canvasses are 100% cotton. They are coated with an easy-care and water repellant wax making them strong enough to tackle harsh weather conditions. A regular cleaning will protect the canvas of your bag from premature wear and tear and from deep stains.

To protect the canvas, you must clean it with a warm damp and soapy sponge by rubbing it gently in concentric circles without harming the fabric, then rinsing it with warm water before letting it dry. The final step is to uniformly apply the British Millerain special revitalizing wax (available on our website) et let it dry for 24 hours.

Our stone-washed canvasses are also 100% cotton. Before the bags are produced, the canvas undergoes two treatments; the first one with enzymes and the second with an anti-UV, anti-stain and waterproof protection process.

Nevertheless, after one year of use, a regular cleaning will help to protect your stone-washed canvas from premature wear and tear. With a few basic care procedures, you will be able to enjoy your stone-washed canvas bag for years and years.

Woody backpack
Musette messenger bag


In order to cover all of your daily and travel needs, Bleu de Chauffe has designed a large assortment of canvas bags, including messenger, backpacks, travel bags and tote bags.

The messenger bags “Gaston” and “Louis” which come in dark khaki, jeep khaki, and wheat are all made of stone-washed canvas, whereas the blue and black bags of these models are made from waxed canvas.

The same goes for our “Woody” backpacks (3 sizes), the “Remix” messenger bags (which are more suitable for professional use), and the “Cabin" travel bags. All of the “Bivouac" travel bags are made of waxed cotton.

Our canvas “Fishermen Musette” bags and “Camp” backpacks are made of organic cotton. They are also made of waxed canvas and should be cared for in the same way as you would other waxed cotton bags. Please note that our “Musette” and “Camp” bags also exist in suede leather (see the page “Taking Care of Your Suede Leather Bags” for more information).

Camp backpack
Forlan belt bag
Musette bag S

By purchasing a Bleu de Chauffe bag, you have the guarantee that only the best European canvasses have been used. Furthermore, you can be confident that each bag is a unique hand-made article, and that, contrary to mass produced bags, each Bleu de Chauffe bag is produced in our workshop in France by a single artisan who signs every bag he or she makes. For us, It is important that each and every Bleu de Chauffe bag is exceptional, made to last, and ages beautifully with time. 

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