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The origins of the workwear bag go back several centuries, when workers’ practical needs gave rise to this essential piece of kit. At the time, these bags were used to carry tools, spare clothing, and other necessities. They were particularly used in agriculture, mining, and fishing.

Leather Postman's bag
Postman bag Eclair


The first workwear bags were made from natural materials such as canvas, cotton, or leather. They were designed to be resistant and long-lasting. The style tended to be simple, with a rectangular or square shape and cord or buckle closures. The straps were attached directly to the bag, which also sometimes had leather handles or shoulder straps. Ergonomically speaking these bags were basic yet functional, made to meet the practical needs of the time.

Over the years, the workwear bag has evolved to adapt to new uses and the demands of modern workers. Various different materials have been used, but leather has remained a firm favorite due to its numerous advantages. It is hard-wearing, making it the perfect choice for withstanding intensive daily use without becoming damaged. What is more, leather is water resistant, so the bag’s contents are protected. Leather bags also have an air of quality and solidity, and become more beautiful over time, adding an attractive esthetic to their durability. They are also easy to look after with the right products.


The ergonomic aspect of the modern workwear bag has changed considerably in order to offer users better comfort. The straps are now padded, and the shoulder straps are adjustable to adapt to all body types. The interior of these bags has also been redesigned to respond to the needs of modern life: extra compartments have been added to hold laptops, tablets, and smartphones, while existing compartments have been improved in order to better organize the contents. Workwear bags are now available in a variety of models, while keeping the classic style that makes them unique.

When it comes to choosing a high-quality work bag, leather is therefore particularly well-suited to the task. However, it is important to take care to choose high-quality leather in order to ensure your bag is durable and attractive. Artisanal leather bags made in France offer superior quality and artisanal savoir-faire that put them in a class of their own in the fashion market. Their capacity to stand the test of time also makes them a sustainable choice.

A man drinking coffee next to his Helios business bag
Business bag Hélios
A man carries the Zeppo computer bag
Workwear computer bag Zeppo


Bleu de Chauffe is a brand that encapsulates workwear values. The first bags to emerge from our workshop were updated versions of French work bags from the 20th century, and these iconic bags are still some of the most popular in our collection. They are the Éclair (three sizes) and Irving leather mailman bags, the Lucien and Louis plumber’s bags, the Report journalist’s bags, and the Charles doctor’s bags. The workbag of the previous century has been reinterpreted by Bleu de Chauffe to become an ideal business bag that can be used for any occasion in modern life – whether a men’s business bag in leather (Zeppo, Éclair, Irving, Report, Charles) or canvas (Remix, Zeppo, Report), or a women’s business bag in leather (Dalva).

The Bleu de Chauffe work bag is exceptional in many ways. Each item is entirely made by hand by a single artisan, who takes responsibility for its creation. Unlike bags made on a production line, every Bleu de Chauffe artisan has their own way of working, which makes each bag a unique, authentic piece.

The hallmark of Bleu de Chauffe is the artisan’s signature, found on the inside of every bag. This is the mark of a high-quality product made in the spirit of true artisanship. Every bag is imbued with the love of a job well done, the expression of a real-life story and a passion for artisanship.  

Bringing together all of the design, production, and quality control processes in one place, as well as customer relations, gives Bleu de Chauffe complete control over every stage of the company’s activity. It is this environment of perfectly coordinated synergy that enables the brand to offer products of impeccable quality.


Quality controls are a daily priority at Bleu de Chauffe. Meticulous checks are carried out on the products at every stage in production, to ensure consistency and perfection. No piece leaves the Bleu de Chauffe workshop without having been checked down to the smallest detail, guaranteeing its future owner a faultless French-made bag that is made to last.

Labor day tote bag in Ecru
Workwear Labor Day tote-bag
The Zeppo leather backpack carried into the forest
Zibeline workwear backpack


A workwear bag from Bleu de Chauffe combines a timeless, classic look with modern features, making it the perfect companion for work or leisure. By focusing on authenticity, quality, and artisanal savoir-faire, Bleu de Chauffe is the go-to brand for lovers of top-of-the-range artisanal products, consumers who care about quality and the story behind the products they buy.

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