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Men’s leather musette

The musette was originally designed for people who need to carry a lot of bulky items around with them. This is a sturdy bag with a flap closure and a wide handle, making it the ideal companion for all your outings. It is therefore no surprise that the fisherman’s musette and the military musette have been so popular. Over the decades, leather musettes have become more and more widely used, and today they are known as a stylish fashion accessory.

Discover our selection of men’s leather musettes, the product of French savoir-faire in leatherwork.

  • Fisherman's Musette M / Suede

    $ 270.41
  • Fisherman's Musette S / Suede

    $ 256.66
  • Fisherman's Musette XS / Suede

    $ 224.59
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