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« One does not go fishing only to catch fish, one goes fishing to discover nature, to attempt to decipher its mysteries, and in some way to find fulfilment »

Izaac Walton, The Compleat Angler


The musette from Bleu de Chauffe is a blend of both fine and rugged materials, vintage and urban details, stylish design and ethics. Multifaceted style: a reflection of the modern women and men that it personifies.

Every day, the teams at Bleu de Chauffe work hard, finding innovative ways to put ethical, stylish design within your reach.

  • Fisherman's Musette S

    $ 233.75
  • Fisherman's Musette M

    $ 242.91
  • Vélo Ferdi Musette – Yellow Ochre

    $ 330.00
  • Fisherman's Musette XS

    $ 206.25
  • Fisherman's Musette XS / Suede

    $ 224.59
  • Fisherman's Musette S / Suede

    $ 256.66
  • Fisherman's Musette M / Suede

    $ 270.41
  • Fisherman's Musette M

    $ 275.00
  • Fisherman's Musette M

    $ 320.84
  • Musette STRIPE shoulder strap

    $ 45.84

Taking inspiration from early 20th century archives

the Bleu de Chauffe musette has all

the character and classic features

of a work bag, brought to life by the skill

of our artisans and our commitment

to alternative production methods

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