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Urban myth, founding myth, the post- man’s bag leaves a lasting impression.

Inseparable from the history of Bleu de Chauffe, the origins of this bag are inter- twined with those of the mail service and the men who worked for it messengers, letter carriers, and postmen who have been crisscrossing France for more than two centuries. Peddlers of good news and a uniting force between citizens, these satchel-carrying walkers quickly became central pillars of society at a time when transport was not yet widespread.


Constantly on the go, they were frequently spotted on their bicycles with their bags over their shoulders. As time went by, the “letter carrier’s bag” had been redesigned over and over, but conserved several unique characteristics, indelible traces of its roaming past ; large flaps equipped with two leather straps, felt shoulder cushions, and a shoulder strap originating from the back of the bag allowing it to be worn across the body.

As a symbol of social connections, Bleu de Chauffe craftsmen are understandably paying tribute to it this season by launching a new edition.

The iconic postman’s bags withstand the test of time and evolve with a fresh look given by present-day men.


The history, the look, and the legacy of the postman’s bag has always inspired Bleu de Chauffe. The Éclair postman’s bag, launched in 2010, was the first bag created in our workshop and helped to established the foundations of the Bleu de Chauffe universe: quality, style, and respect for man and the environment. With the launching of the second and new edition of the postman’s bag, Bleu de Chauffe has renewed its passion for the authenticity, ingenuity, and genuineness of the workwear spirit.


The new Postman’s Bag is a reinterpre- tation of the 1940s’ postman’s bag. Its minimalist and elegant lines allow the Bleu de Chauffe man to freely claim ownership of it in order to express his individual personality beyond fashion

trends and across generations. Sturdy, repairable, and water-resistant, the Postman’s Bag has been redesigned for an active urban lifestyle, and is compa- tible with all means of travel, especially with cycling.

More than an accessory, thanks to the expertise of Bleu de Chauffe craftsmen, the postman’s bag has become a life companion and the image of an authentic lifestyle – free of all constraints.


Making use of artisanal techniques from start to finish, such as hand-stitching or

use of vegetable tanning, Bleu de Chauffe has opted to preserve an exceptional savoir-faire by remaining loyal to the ori- ginal processes used in the production of letter-carrier bags. The Postman’s Bag, just like all Bleu de Chauffe pieces, tells the story of working men and women: the mastery of the handicraft and the personality of the artisan are reflected in every last detail.

  • Postman bag Éclair S

    $ 412.50
  • Postman bag Éclair M

    $ 444.59
  • Postman bag Eclair L

    $ 481.25
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