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Our military print is entering a new theater of operations, taking its place on all the Bleu de Chauffe classics. This must-have print is understated and refined, reworked for the urban man – and our satchels, backpacks, and travel bags are wearing it with pride.

Leather mailman bag ECLAIR


Militant leather goods manufacturer Bleu de Chauffe has been creating new versions of traditional workwear for over ten years, all the while never giving up the fight for fairer manufacturing methods. The 7 pieces in the “Camouflage” collection are made in France at Saint Georges de Luzençon – staying true to the cause and reducing their environmental impact. But it doesn’t stop there: we also use superior environmentally-friendly materials: full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, renowned for its quality, through-dyed for optimal longevity.


A collection of models made to resist and to last, going against the tide of over-consumption.



A quintessential outdoor print, the camouflage motif was a natural choice for Bleu de Chauffe. In a palette of greens and browns, between sportswear and casual elegance, the pieces in this collection have an air of active defiance. That of a man who is committed to the world around him and true to his convictions, driven by the desire to explore and to discover a new world – one which is fairer, more conscientious.


A modern-day adventurer!

made in france


Bleu de Chauffe only has one production site, at Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon. From cutting to assembly, from quality control to order dispatch – every piece in this collection is made in France, with respect for local savoir-faire and in a constant effort to reduce our environmental impact.

Leather travel bag BIVOUAC
Travel bag BIVOUAC

Artisanal production


It is keeping these exceptional skills alive that enables us to create functional and long-lasting products – and it is what makes Bleu de Chauffe unique. Made by hand, not on a production line, each one of our bags is created with passion by a single artisan. Their name and the date of manufacture are printed on your bag’s traceability label.

Environmentally-friendly tanning


Made with respect for nature and for human beings, the leather for the pieces in the Camouflage collection has been treated exclusively with vegetable tannins such as acacia, mimosa, and chestnut, which produce less pollution.

Satchel high quality

Water resistant


The leather for each Camouflage model has been treated to be water and weather-resistant, making them lifelong companions, true to their outdoor vocation.

Durability and patina


The Camouflage models are made using a sustainable manufacturing process. The leather is through-dyed to preserve the print’s colors as long as possible. We have also chosen to use full-grain leather, renowned for its superior quality. Over time, this leather becomes even more pleasant to the touch and develops a beautifully even patina.

Business bag ZEPPO
  • Grisbi wallet

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  • Binocle glasses case

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  • Visamex card holder

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